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MDM – A Foundational Component for Healthy Data Ecosystems

Master data management in an ecosystem is a gold standard for any organization to encompass all entities within an ecosystem. It is necessary to integrate the data when there are multiple independent organizations, and each organization has a different data set.

MDM resolves the interoperability challenges by serving as an intelligent clearing house. MDM helps integrate the connected systems and unite them to create a golden record. 

Master data management is a multi-domain strategy to keep and manage the data with uniformity, accuracy, accountability, stewardship, and semantic consistency to make your business run. In recent years, many organizations have adopted data-driven techniques that align their organizational strategy with modern data analysis. It is done by defining complicated data pipelines to proceed with multiple data from different sources in their original form. 

MDM and Healthy Ecosystem

In a healthy ecosystem, MDM plays an important role. With the proper execution of MDM and data governance, any organizational ecosystem attains a complete view of its customer data. It helps to understand better and foresee customer behavior, provide customized engagement of customers, and enable real-time data exchange within system applications handling the same IDs. 

Role of Master Data Management in Ecosystem  

Managing data to make operational decisions and plan for the future is essential. Management of data is of utmost importance. Organizations can learn more about their data and produce actionable insights through comprehensive data management.

To generate actionable insight, master data management in an ecosystem gathers, analyzes, and uses people, processes, and technology.

Identification of data source

To create a healthy ecosystem, it is essential to identify the data source, analyze requirements, and coordinate data experts with stakeholders to govern the data type and its origin. Solution teams gather all data sources and deliver a system through meaningful insight.

Data collection

After the data source identification, data from various sources are collected to give a unified data view. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are helpful tools to automate data integration and data-led transformation. It creates a link between data source and data storage.

Data storage

Data storage is essential to support complex queries. The solution team suggests an advanced data platform to help consistently store all kinds of data, including structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. The enterprise data warehouse, data lakes, and data marts can achieve it. Further, it also deals with heavy computing loads. 

Data governance

Data governance of any system strengthens the master data through policies and rules. It helps to develop an enterprise data catalog that assists in providing data assists in an ecosystem.

Data access

The master data in an ecosystem offers a wealth of business intelligence (BI) and geospatial analysis platforms, data science tools, and programming languages that can be used to develop and expand an organization’s analytical capabilities.

Data analysis

Master data enables data analysis by customers and management teams. It secures access to the features and information they need. Simplified accessibility for individuals and organizations is necessary for a complete and productive data ecosystem.

Data access 

Organizations require a portal with an approved access control methodology to provide users and administrative teams with secure access to the information and functionality they need. MDM is helping establish this portal.

Data security

Master data management provides security and quality assurance to an ecosystem.

Thus, MDM is an integral part of any ecosystem that aligns data from multiple sources to provide insights for better business performance and increasing growth opportunities

ABOUT Sasi Kumar Raju

Sasi Kumar Raju Addepalli is a Technical Lead for Master Data Management(MDM) at a leading Cancer Research and Diagnostics Company, He introduced and worked on Industry cutting edge technologies to leverage latest master data techniques to speed up and resolve future problems in Health Care. He Built MDM Implementations from Boot Strap. He is well known for his expertise in the MDM Industry especially in Health Care and his skills are being very helpful for Fortune 500 companies.

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