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McDonald’s UK Unveils Exciting Menu Changes on Black Friday 2023

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In the spirit of Black Friday, McDonald’s is set to captivate the taste buds of its UK and Ireland patrons with a menu makeover that combines the nostalgia of returning classics with the excitement of innovative additions. As the clock strikes 11 am on Black Friday morning, the fast-food giant will roll out a culinary celebration, inviting customers to indulge in both familiar favorites and tantalizing novelties.

For a sneak peek into the revamped menu and to plan your McDonald’s feast, check out their offerings at


The Big and Cheesy Duo Returns:

The Big and Cheesy Duo’s return is a testament to McDonald’s commitment to satisfying the cravings of its dedicated fanbase.

1.      Nostalgic Delight:

As McDonald’s unveils its Black Friday menu changes, the spotlight is undeniably on the return of two iconic classics – the Big and Cheesy and its bacon-infused counterpart. These burgers have etched themselves into the memories of McDonald’s enthusiasts.

Moreover, becoming emblematic of the brand’s commitment to delivering delicious and satisfying experiences. Their return is more than a menu update; it’s a nostalgic journey for fans who have longed for the familiar taste that defined an era of McDonald’s dining.

2.      Triumphant Comeback:

For devoted patrons who have patiently awaited the return of these beloved classics, the announcement of the Big and Cheesy Duo’s comeback is nothing short of a triumph. McDonald’s recognizes the emotional connection people have with their favorite menu items, and this reintroduction is a gesture that goes beyond culinary preferences—it’s an acknowledgment of the bond forged between the brand and its dedicated fanbase.

3.      Festive Flair with New McFlurrys:

Embracing the festive season, McDonald’s is unveiling two limited-time McFlurrys infused with the magic of Galaxy ice creams. These new variations promise to add a touch of holiday joy to every bite, providing customers with a delightful escape into the sweet and creamy world of Galaxy. It’s the perfect treat for those looking to infuse their Black Friday with a dose of seasonal cheer.

4.      Galaxy Caramel Pie – A Sweet Revelation:

The pièce de résistance in this menu transformation is the Galaxy Caramel Pie. A delectable dessert that promises to redefine the classic apple pie experience, the Galaxy Caramel Pie introduces a cosmic blend of flavors with a luscious caramel twist. This sweet revelation is set to become an instant hit, offering a tempting reason for patrons to save room for dessert.

 Timely Arrival of Culinary Delights:

It’s a strategic decision that enhances the overall dining experience, ensuring that the joy of discovery begins right on time.

1.      Precision in Service:

McDonald’s, known for its precision in serving up not just meals but experiences, ensures that Black Friday is met with an orchestrated launch of its much-anticipated menu additions. The nationwide availability of these culinary delights from 11 am is a testament to the meticulous planning and commitment to providing a timely and seamless experience for customers eager to explore the revamped menu.

2.      No Waiting Game:

In a move that reflects an understanding of customer excitement, McDonald’s is not leaving its eager patrons in suspense. By making the additions available precisely at 11 am, the fast-food giant is eradicating any waiting game, allowing enthusiasts to dive straight into a gastronomic journey without delay.

A Feast Tailored for Every Palate:

McDonald’s commitment to diversity in its offerings ensures that every customer, whether a steadfast fan or a culinary explorer, finds something to relish.

1.      Devoted Fans of the Classics:

For the loyal aficionados of McDonald’s classics, the return of the Big and Cheesy Duo is a culinary homecoming. The nationwide availability ensures that devoted fans, from bustling city centers to serene countryside locales, can promptly savor the familiar flavors that have been dearly missed. McDonald’s recognizes and caters to the tastes that have become a part of its legacy.

2.      Adventurous Palates Welcomed:

Beyond catering to the devoted fans, McDonald’s also extends an invitation to the adventurous palates ready to explore new and exciting flavors. With the Galaxy-inspired McFlurrys and the innovative Galaxy Caramel Pie, the menu beckons those seeking a taste of the extraordinary.

McDonald’s: Your Black Friday Culinary Destination:

As the clock strikes 11 am on Black Friday, McDonald’s transforms into a culinary destination, ready to unleash a gastronomic adventure. The nationwide availability of the new and returning items signifies that McDonald’s is not just a fast-food stop; it’s a destination for those seeking an extraordinary Black Friday dining experience. The stage is set for a


As the curtains rise on Black Friday 2023, McDonald’s is not just serving meals; it’s creating an experience. The combination of beloved classics and innovative novelties showcases the brand’s commitment to staying at the forefront of culinary delight.

Whether you’re seeking the comfort of familiar flavors or the thrill of something new, McDonald’s invites you to savor the extraordinary on this Black Friday. So, why resist the temptation? Head to your nearest McDonald’s and treat yourself to a feast that transcends the ordinary!

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