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MBGRAM Explains Air Intakes and Their Benefits

Choosing the right air intake filter for your vehicle provides extreme benefits, including increased airflow to your engine, prefiltering efficiency, reduced pollutant emissions, and improved acceleration capability. However, choosing the right filter is critical in the process, and the MbenzGram, also known as MBGRAM, sells air filters that consistently boost your car’s performance regardless of which type of filter you choose: cold air, ram air, or short ram filters.

Understanding Your Air Intake Needs

Choosing an aftermarket air intake system can range from simple to an elaborate customized version, but the basic facts remain standardized. Increasing airflow boosts combustion and increases horsepower. Air intake systems control the mix of oxygen, and your engine also depends on fuel and consistent sparks to burn fuel efficiently. MBGRAM has air filters that ensure your vehicle’s engine receives the correct mix of oxygen based on your type of system.

Cold Air Intake Systems

Cold air intake systems generally feature longer tubes with filters positioned farther away from engine assemblies. This results in cooler air, and MBGRAM provides a range of filters, including some that provide a heat shield to seal the combustion chamber. The cooler air is denser than warmer air and provides greater power when transformed into heated activity. Experts estimate that every 10 degrees of a lower temperature can deliver up to a 1% boost in power.

You might choose a system that connects to prefilters if you operate your vehicle in excessively damp or dusty conditions. Prefiltering can remove excess moisture and dust, which can compromise your car’s combustion and performance. 

Used in dusty conditions, prefilters reduce the time between replacing filters by keeping them cleaner.

You can install prefilters to guard against water or concentrate your filtering to the right- or left-hand side of your engine to protect it from specific moisture or dust hazards.

The benefits of cold air intake systems for your vehicle include the following:

  • Colder air drawn from outside the engine bay provides extended efficiency and increased power.
  • Colder air can generate greater fuel efficiency.
  • Engine power is increased.
  • Installing a cold air intake system is relatively easy.
  • MBGRAM sells filters that include a variety of connected add-ons for even greater fuel or performance efficiencies.
  • Sound often changes into a more aggressive-sounding acceleration.
  • Filters reduce threats caused by mold, fungi, bacteria, allergens, and other types of debris.

Ram Air Intake Systems

Ram air intakes channel cooler air into the combustion chamber. The ram air intake design can attach to flexible tubes and prefilters that reach and channel cooler air from nontraditional locations. Drivers can also install throttle body spacers between the intake manifold and the throttle body. 

Interior baffles in the design create turbulence in the incoming air, which helps to atomize the fuel more efficiently. This improves combustion, horsepower, and engine performance.

In the ram air system, a longer tube harvests air from the high-pressure areas in the front of the vehicle, but the filter isn’t placed immediately in front of the tube. The tube is placed in the traditional area nearest the engine. However, drivers can install filters and prefilters in the front for additional protection against water, snow, mud, dust, and other debris. Ram air intake systems usually come with an optional kit to replace the system’s factory air intake protective housing.

Short Ram Intake Systems

Short ram air intake systems often feature numerous filters and tubes for greater engine performance and increased fuel efficiency resulting from better airflow. The systems replace factory-installed tubes, filters, and filter boxes with larger diameter tubes for increased airflow. The filters are located closer to the engine, so the air is generally much warmer, but the tighter design enables their use in tighter spaces in cramped engine areas, especially in smaller imports or compact cars, as well as high-performance vehicles.

These systems also work well in four-wheel drive vehicles. The design also figures prominently in many of these models, which supposedly gain horsepower because of the shorter distance needed for air to travel to the combustion chamber. Reducing the restrictions on air intake is thought to increase horsepower. 

Tests of acceleration power revealed minimal power gains at low rpm rates and losses of power in mid-range driving power averaging about 3%. However, power gains averaged 2.4% and 3.3% when using high-rpm acceleration. However, car performance seemed to improve when using a short ram intake system. The vehicle seemed to run quieter and perform more efficiently in everyday stop-and-go driving.

Understanding Aftermarket Air Intake Systems

Every car runs differently and has different challenges and obstacles that can block efficient airflow. That’s the primary reason why it makes sense to research and install the best system for any vehicle. MbenzGram (MBGRAM) can help you find what air filter works best for you. Most air intake systems are easy to install and deliver surprisingly specific benefits based on the driver’s preference of filters. 

Most factory-installed equipment focuses on delivering quieter engines and emission-compliant technology. All three aftermarket air intake systems focus on providing better performance, increased horsepower, or greater fuel efficiency.

Improvements that can easily be made to an air intake system include:

  • Added plenum spacers
  • Upgraded throttles
  • Customized air intakes
  • Greater fuel efficiency
  • Increased acceleration capability
  • More towing power


History shows that installing a high-performance air intake system in a vehicle ranks as one of the least expensive and most effective ways to improve car performance. It might take some time to research the specific benefits, but the results can justify the expense and can even cover the associated costs with greater fuel efficiency. Companies like MBGRAM sell many different types of air filters from different brands and can help you pick out the right one.


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