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Mayank Hindka Unleashes the Productivity of Global Businesses through Digital Transformation and API Practices

While engineers have already transformed the business world for the better through computers and innovative software, there is more to learn and perfect. This is especially true of how computers communicate with each other, an issue that companies around the globe struggle to overcome. Yesterday’s accomplishment, such as software that gathers data on shipping trends for a company’s logistics team, is now today’s problem because it cannot be easily accessed by other departments. Suddenly, an organization that was charging ahead has plateaued. Stepping into this problem is Mayank Hindka, a Domain Architect. For nearly 20 years, Mr. Hindka has been using his proficiency in Cloud computing, API security, and technology platform evaluation to redefine an organization’s digital maturity practices. As a result, Mr. Hindka has helped giants such as IBM, JP Morgan, MetLife, and FedEx to reach a higher level of operations and reap the results of guaranteed, seamless, and high throughput transaction solution designs. 

Mr. Hindka’s path to empowering international corporations began in Indore, India, where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering in Information Technology from SGSITS. He says that he was always fascinated by the unlimited potential of technology to improve lives and dreamed of being at the forefront of it. He eventually came to the United States to work for reputed firms like Vanguard, MetLife, and CvS Health. He started upskilling himself and began studying at Texas A&M University, where he earned his Master of Business Administration in Information Systems. Upon graduating, he was ready to use his career to drive innovation and revolutionize digital practices. 

For the last seventeen years, his cutting-edge experiences in digital transformation and API security, along with his passion for technology, have positioned Mr. Hindka as a leader in the industry. He has led and worked with teams around the world, including in Australia, Canada, India, the United Kingdom, and the United States. His successful career has followed two tracks. First, Mr. Hindka has developed a reputation in the insurance, healthcare, investment banking, and logistics industries for being a Subject Matter Expert in API design, Security, and Governance. Accordingly, Mr. Hindka has led and delivered several large-scale transformation and integration projects at various multinationals, due to his expertise in enterprise architecture, API maturity, Google Cloud, Azure, APIGEE, governance models, IBM MQ,  MuleSoft, CyberSecurity, and programming languages, such as Python, J2EE, ESQL, Shell Scripting, and BPEL, among others. He has a reputation for being a highly recognized professional in his field.  

In addition to his cutting-edge technical skills and hands-on work experience at giants like IBM, JP Morgan, and FedEx, Mr. Hindka has immense domain knowledge of the investment banking, insurance, healthcare, and transportation sectors. In his early career, he was instrumental in designing and delivering solutions for converting SWIFT Mt5xx to ISO 20022 and similarly in the insurance industry, where he transformed web transaction messages to conform to ACCORD standards. 

However, while his knowledge is widely respected, Mr. Hindka’s impact goes much deeper. He has the rare ability to both understand the complexities of API and to lead large teams of professionals to implement it across companies as large as FEDEX. Each day, he uses empathy, humor, and respect to inspire and guide his peers to support rapidly changing, global business priorities. In effect, Mr. Hindka is calm when in the middle of what may feel like a storm, always ready to advise on difficult initiatives, synchronize with multiple teams, ensure budgeting remains on track, and mentor other architecture team members. 

For his ability to enable the scalability and operational effectiveness of organizations through API, Mr. Hindka is a Presidential Member of the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) and the Advisory Council of the Harvard Business Review (HBR), and he is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).  

Mr. Hindka remains committed to harnessing the power of technology to push businesses to higher levels of efficiency and productivity. He believes that society has only just begun to tap into the power of progressive digital practices, which can result in success. The key to achieving it, he says, will be a relentless dedication to details, as even the smallest changes can lead to incremental growth. So long as society is willing to push boundaries and chart new frontiers in technology, meaningful change will be catalyzed, ushering in even greater eras of technological advancement. 

About Mayank Hindka 

Mayank Hindka works as a Domain Architect for Integrations and Cloud Computing at FedEx Corporation in the United States. He is a recognized expert in API Integration & Public Cloud space and inspires other professionals across the tech landscape to embrace change, drive progress, and revolutionize the future through a steadfast commitment to excellence. Hindka is also a writer on Cybersecurity, API security, Cloud computing, and integration design of high throughput applications. To engage with Mayank Hindka directly and explore collaborative opportunities, please contact him via LinkedIn.

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