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Maximizing Your Sales: How to Effectively Use Amazon ASIN Search

Just like libraries uses the Dewey Decimal System to control everything and organize things orderly, Amazon also has its system known as ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number).

Amazon ASIN search pages or Product detail pages are a great place for sellers. Placing ads straight on the product pages of your opponent is a great method to steal the market share as well as increase your overall sales.

It is significant to mention that advertisements have always been seen on product detail pages, however, until 2019 these ads were targeted depending on users’ previous searches instead of Amazon ASIN or some other factors.

For example, when a person searched for a women’s jacket and clicked on the product, she saw ads for other related products like other clothes or other kinds of women’s dresses.

But, now, you can target a specific product using ASIN simply like you can easily target a keyword. This greatly increases the possibilities and procedures that you can use to improve sales.

Now with quick changes in consumer behavior, the targeting thing is even more important to your strategy to get more traffic and sales. So let’s know how to get it right to flourish your business.

As a seller on Amazon, you must understand and create an Amazon ASIN Number to list products and do business. Here we go…

What is An Amazon ASIN Search?

ASIN means Amazon Standard Identification Number.

It is a unique 10-letter and/or number identifier for a particular product that is given by It is primarily utilized for product identification in their product catalog which has billions of items there.

ASINs are guaranteed to be individual within a marketplace only. It means different countries’ Amazon websites use separate ASINs for the same item.

Importance Of Amazon ASIN Search For A Seller?

Amazon is one of the largest as well as most trusted online marketplaces with an international presence. This platform gives sellers access to more customers. Over 150 million individuals visit Amazon regularly.

Here the Amazon ASIN number is significant both for Amazon and you because it tracks your products, as a catalog data reference, and index item catalog pages to browse and search.

Your Amazon ASIN allows customers more room to explore multiple items. Shoppers can also type the ASIN or product description into the search bar and find what they are looking for.

The ASIN generally helps Amazon to show the exact item in the search result. Thus, as a vendor, it’s necessary to add a suitable ASIN identifier for the items. If not, then Amazon will not show up your items in search results.

Therefore, to show up in the search result and get more traffic from your potential customers, it is important to create Amazon ASIN.

Making The Most Out Of Amazon ASIN Search

Now that you know why you should have your product ASIN, let’s now know how to make the most out of them. You can organize your ASIN in a pattern that helps you improve your brand awareness, enhance your description, and focus traffic on the right ASIN.

With the help of a proper Amazon ASIN search tool, you can analyze an existing product and its keyword that is successfully targeting the audience and improving sales. Let’s now know how you can do that with the help of the Amazon ASIN search tool.

Using Amazon ASIN Search Tool To Maximize Your Sales

With the assistance of the right Amazon ASIN search tool, one can find a profitable keyword used by their competitors on Amazon. Use these details to bring in better visibility and thus, increase market share and sales.

Identifying the ASIN using a proper Amazon ASIN search tool, is the foremost step of a seller’s journey on Amazon. As soon as you list down your product ASIN, you can increase your selling cycle by tracking the ASINs or your competitor’s product ASINs.

Zonbase is an Amazon ASIN search bar that can assist you with these steps to maximize your sales on Amazon.

Start With Keyword Research on Amazon

You need to research keywords properly even before you begin the campaign. You’ll have to find out the most relevant keywords that you wish to use. This’s Standard Keyword Research, except there is not a readily open tool like a Google Keyword Planner.

For this, Go to Amazon, and search for the most appropriate keyword for your item. Do not overthink it. In case you sell educational toys, search ” educational toys.” Use Amazon ASIN search tools like Zonbase.

Find Top ASINs For A Search

As soon as you know which relevant keywords you wish to target, use tools to research ASIN. Browser extensions like Zonbase will pull up the top items for keyword searches. Simply go through a few result pages, and then export the result to Excel.

After you have exported the top items for that search, you have to filter through the information to make sure you remove unrelated items.

For example, in case you searched “educational toys,” you may also get some listings for dog toys or irrelevant baby toys. Remove any item you do not want to directly target. You will be left with a whole list of ASINs connected to your targeted keyword.

Thus, you can specify the product you want to sell on Amazon.

Create ASINs Targeting Campaign

Utilizing the checklist of exported as well as curated ASINs, make a new supported product campaign. During setting it up, ensure you run the manual campaign. Select the item that you wish to show in the advertisement under products.

Next, choose “product targeting” in the targeting section. After selecting the targeting section, you need to click the “individual products” option and then you need to “enter the list.” Now, paste the checklist of ASINs from the export.

In case you wish to run further searches and also add further ASINs, you need to repeat the first step through 3 steps before launching your new campaigns. In case there are particular products or brands you do not wish to target (for example, your brands), then simply enter the products or brands under “Optional: negative product targeting”. When you are ready, just launch the campaign.


Amazon's ASIN targeting feature will take your ad strategy to the next level | Smart Insights

Final Words

Amazon ASIN search is a vital part of anyone’s selling journey. Thus, you need to know how to get an ASIN and search for it on a proper AMAZON ASIN search tool. You need to find out the best identifier (Amazon ASIN search tool like Zonbase) for your products, so you can sell on Amazon more efficiently.

It is worth mentioning that, if you want to make the most out of Amazon, you have to follow its rules. There’re slap-wrist actions that can cause suppressed ASIN or license to sell Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA), meaning the finding will work totally against you. Thus, you should keep yourself on a better list with the help of the following information:

  • Stick to the policies for title length, capitalization, symbols, numbers, etc.
  • Keep the description of your products just that, meaning focus on your product
  • See the Amazon policy to make sure you are not selling something that Amazon restricts.

Product ASIN targeting is a comparatively new thing in the market. Thus, not many advertisers know or use this yet. Soon, this process will become commonplace. This is high time for you to use the right Amazon ASIN search tool to maximize your sale today before your competitors lead the board.

The longer you wait to get better at targeting your audience, the less you will get in return. So, what are you waiting for?

When you can simply use Zonbase to find better ideas/keywords from your competitor analysis as well as add them to your portfolio, do it now!

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