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Maximizing Remote Support with MDM: A Guide for Startups

To thrive in the market today, businesses must implement advanced technologies in almost every business function. Developing such technologies in-house is time-consuming and expensive. In addition, startups need more support concerning their team size and the budget at hand. Hence, implementing robust technologies is crucial for startups to keep up with the pace of change. Advanced solutions aim at automating and simplifying tasks for a startup’s limited workforce. However, it is also necessary to consider that the technology used is upgradeable and scalable to cater to the business’s future growth.  

One such robust solution for startups is mobile device management (MDM). Whether a company is big or small, old or new, well-established or just starting up, every organization faces the challenge of managing the ever-increasing amount of mobile devices. Remote support with MDM solutions helps organizations manage and support mobile devices efficiently. It helps IT teams minimize device issues that impact the efficiency and productivity of employees.

Remote support and MDM

Remote support is a tool under the mobile device management umbrella. This feature of MDM offers IT admins remote access to all managed devices. It empowers startups to deliver a seamless remote support experience with regard to app management, content management, and troubleshooting devices. With an MDM solution, a single IT admin of an organization can perform remote support functions on thousands of devices from the MDM dashboard. 

Remote device management software streamlines day-to-day operations. It saves costs as IT admins do not need to visit the device in person, or even the devices need not be shipped back to the IT team in case of technical glitches. IT admins can extend remote support to manned or unmanned devices such as public-facing kiosks, digital vending machines, and digital signage. Remote support with MDM helps install applications, push content, push files, and troubleshoot issues in real-time to minimize device downtime.

Now let’s understand how an effective remote device management solution helps startups build a robust device management strategy and drive business growth.

How remote support with MDM helps startups


Install or uninstall applications

MDM solutions allow IT admins to manage the installation or deletion of applications. Mobile device management solutions also enable IT admins to remote control app updates and ensure devices are up-to-date. It also ensures only safe and relevant applications are installed on managed devices. For security purposes, it enables enterprises to manage app permissions, configurations, and updates and define policies specific to apps. MDM solutions can restrict users from installing third-party apps on devices, thus safeguarding devices from malicious applications.

Remote troubleshooting

When numerous devices are being used for work, IT teams regularly come across multiple device issues such as software errors, network errors, device breakdown, and crashed apps. It is time-consuming and cost-heavy for IT teams to reach each device physically and troubleshoot them. MDM solutions with remote support empower businesses to view device screens, take screenshots, and provide remote assistance to users needing technical support without physically accessing those devices.

Push content remotely

With remote device management software,  IT admins can push documents, presentations, audio files, and video files to one or multiple devices without user intervention. In addition, it helps copy multiple files in different folders remotely and upload them to managed devices. Thus, it allows employees to access updated corporate data anytime from anywhere.

Remote lock & wipe

A lot of times, mobile devices containing confidential data are lost or stolen. Instances like these cause data loss issues for businesses that may cost them dearly. In such cases, remote control management solutions enable organizations to remote lock and wipe devices so that devices are not misused. The remote wipe feature can be either a complete wipe that deletes all files and folders or a partial wipe that deletes specific folders from the devices. 

Remote monitoring & tracking

MDM solutions with remote support help track field workers and monitor devices to check if they fulfill the intended purpose. IT admins use mobile device management solutions to track remote device locations and retrieve GPS coordinates. In case of a geofence breach, IT admins can restrict user access to corporate data in the devices. Also, MDM solutions help track device health, providing insights into information like device storage and battery level.


Benefits of using MDM remote management solutions


Reduce device downtime

Device downtime can affect employee productivity and slow down business growth to a considerable extent. While troubleshooting devices within the office premises can be quick, reaching a problematic device used by field workers can be overwhelming. An MDM solution with remote access provides real-time assistance and technical support to solve device-related issues. It helps IT admins to minimize device downtime and increase device availability.

Improve cost-effectiveness

MDM solutions restrict users from installing irrelevant apps and reduce data consumption. It helps organizations ensure that field workers focus on work and do not get distracted by random surfing on the internet. Security features like web filtering help businesses restrict access to relevant browsers and websites. Remote troubleshooting reduces support costs. Also, adopting the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy has become easier with an MDM solution. BYOD policy saves businesses from spending on employee devices. 

Protect sensitive data

Sensitive corporate data is prone to misuse if a device is lost or stolen. An MDM solution remotely locks and wipes the data from devices to secure stolen devices. Additionally, IT admins can configure policies that restrict data sharing between corporate and personal apps (in the case of BYOD), screen capture functionality, copy/paste function, and peripheral usage like USB to protect corporate data. Also, a strong password policy using an MDM solution with MFA helps organizations prevent unauthorized access.

Drive business growth

MDM with remote support increases operational efficiency, reduces support costs, and drives business growth. It helps troubleshoot devices, reduce device downtime, and restrict access to relevant apps. Thus, businesses can remotely implement policies using MDM solutions and reach their business goals. Startups can use MDM solutions to improve employee efficiency and drive their business forward faster.


Summing up

The article explicitly shows how MDM solutions with remote support are the right choice for startups to manage their mobile devices. They are cost-effective solutions that provide granular control over managed devices while enforcing robust security policies for data protection. Remote device management solutions empower startups by simplifying tasks and helping IT admins address device-related challenges remotely. MDM solutions with remote support drastically reduce device downtime, ensure device availability, and upkeep device and user efficiency, contributing to business growth.

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