Maven Announces the Decision to Rebrand as the Arena Group

Ross Levinsohn

In an exciting move this month, Maven rebranded as The Arena Group. The move was made to reflect the company’s evolving goals, including the launch of a single platform dedicated to consumer interests. The Arena Group rebranding will better represent the company’s major objective— creating a sports media platform that brings together brands, consumers, storytellers, publishers, and advertisers in a single space.

Having the word “Arena” in the updated name isn’t coincidental as Ross Levinsohn found the inspiration to create The Arena Group more than a year ago. In 2020, Ross Levinsohn, who is also the Sports Illustrated CEO, was promoted to top executive. Levinsohn decided to develop two verticals moving forward: sports and finance. To cement this direction, Levinsohn purchased the popular sports news website The Spun. Notably, the company also decided to launch a new media brand, the Crypto Investor, to provide a weekly newsletter to those interested in Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency. The Crypto Investor plans to expand offerings to give the latest financial news and trends. The idea for the cryptocurrency was borne out of the Maven-owned TheStreet brand.     

The rebranding was a logical step in the direction that Ross Levinsohn wanted to take Maven. As he explained to Forbes magazine this September, “For the last year, we focused on strategically investing in our business lines, expanding our offering and growth. Our core verticals have gotten deeper, bigger, and now offer broader consumer propositions. We wanted an identity that captured those refined strengths. The Arena Group reflects the dynamic, tech-powered media ecosystem that we’re building, bringing together consumers, publishers, storytellers, and advertisers.”

Throughout 2021 and beyond, Ross Levinsohn aimed to develop a sports vertical unparalleled in the industry. With Sports Illustrated staying as the flagship, he acquired independent publications that would complement his vision for The Arena Group. Under his leadership, The Arena Group currently has more than 103 digital sports websites. Through their licensed domains, The Arena Group has a reach of an estimated 120 million worldwide visitors to the site.

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