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Maurizio D’Andrea: The Poetry of Abstract Art and the Radical Introversico Artistic Movement

The poet of the unconscious

Maurizio D’Andrea is an international abstract artist born in Naples in 1967, a city nestled at the foot of the majestic Mount Vesuvius. His profound love and connection to this remarkable natural element inspired him to pursue a degree in volcanology, an academic journey that has significantly influenced his art. Vesuvius, with its mystery and unpredictability, is reflected in D’Andrea’s early abstract paintings, creating a unique bond between the artist and his homeland.

Maurizio D’Andrea is renowned for being an abstract painter who delves deep into the visible surface of the world, exploring the boundaries of the human unconscious and imagination. In his works, there is an intense dialogue with the theories of Carl Gustav Jung, the famous Swiss psychoanalyst, and the symbols that permeate our subconscious. Reading Jung’s “Red Book” had a profound impact on his art, and these symbols are emerged powerfully in his creations. His work “MI.R bb32” is proof of this.

D’Andrea’s abstract style

D’Andrea’s abstract style stands out for its uniqueness. While he studied the works of past abstract artists like Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko, his style sets itself apart. His abstract works are opaque, mysterious, and rich in symbols, energy, and movement. Each brushstroke seems to narrate a hidden story, a journey into the depths of the unconscious. The swirling vortexes he often represents in his paintings bear witness to a descent into the innermost recesses of the human soul, inviting the viewer to explore their own inner world.

The art of Maurizio D’Andrea is much more than a mere artistic expression; it is a universal message to all of humanity. Through his paintings, he invites each one of us to embark on a journey within ourselves, to explore the unconscious, and to establish a dialogue with the hidden facets of our psyche. His works serve as a mirror for the soul, prompting the audience to reflect on their inner world, dreams, desires, and fears often buried beneath the surface. As can be seen in the picture “Origine

Radical Introversico Artistic Movement

In May 2022, Maurizio D’Andrea initiated a revolutionary artistic movement in Turin, Italy: the “Radical Introversico Artistic Movement.” This art movement aims to break down the barriers between art and the spectator, encouraging everyone to explore their inner selves, through abstract art. The “Radical Introversic Artistic Movement” is an invitation to look beyond the surface of things, to delve into the recesses of the human mind, and to forge a profound connection between art, and individual psyche.

In conclusion, Maurizio D’Andrea’s art is a journey into the unconscious, a deep dive into the depths of the human soul. Through his paintings, the Neapolitan artist invites us to explore our inner world, break the barriers of rationality, and establish a dialogue with the unconscious. His “Radical Introversic Artistic Movement” is a call to seek authenticity and connect with the deepest part of ourselves through abstract art and the poetry of symbols.

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