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Matutu Nyabange’s MySquard Business Model Could Change How We Work

The modern-day work system is outdated. The advent of massive technological progress has caused a paradigm shift in how we see the concept of connectivity all across the world. Several mobile applications have leveraged technology to make services far more accessible and convenient. In the same vein, MySquard has launched an application to connect end clients to service providers, whether it be for business or residential concerns.

The MySquard platform allows end-users to access several services from the tip of their fingers. These services include repairmen, IT services providers, electricians, barbershops, HVAC providers with endless possibilities. In an increasingly competitive landscape, many service providers have struggled to connect with new clients. MySquard hopes to bridge the gap between solopreneurs, service providers, and customers by utilizing the marketplace and providing a synchronous connection of supply to demand.

MySquard is an on-demand service platform that brings a plethora of service providers and potential clientele into one virtual space. The platform boasts a robust system that works endlessly to improve the user experience, allowing its partners to conveniently connect with customers.

As of today, MySquard has grown rapidly in a short period of time. The esteemed mobile application now serves up to 50,000 locations all across the United States and the rest of the world. Most known platforms only focus on a particular niche in the service market, such as food or transportation, but MySquard goes above and beyond by connecting the entire service ecosystem into one application that serves the entire world.

MySquard is fully dedicated to providing top-quality on-demand services to its customers. The platform heavily relies on its community of service providers who stand at the forefront of the supply chain to offer a diverse set of skills, specialties, and expertise to their potential customer base.

The company’s mission is simple, MySquard hopes to revolutionize the way we work by offering great leaps and bounds within the service sector. The team behind the platform has spent over a decade in research and development in order to launch the application in the best possible condition. The app utilizes an easy-to-use system integrating a service provider’s offering and matches it with a customer who is in need. The MySquard system also includes an ordering and delivery of services tracker that receives real-time updates. The app utilizes the latest GPS technology to make it easy for independent contractors to locate their clients’ homes and get there with very few issues.

The company’s partners in the service sector, such as solopreneurs and contractors, are also given the opportunity to cast a wider net and reach a larger audience thanks to the MySquard platform. Ultimately, the goal of the project is to help the little guy flourish in this new decentralized world of business and services with its expansive customer base. Small to medium business owners can now venture on their own without having to worry about capturing a market on their own terms.

Currently, the MySquard team is looking ahead and hoping to improve the already stellar service that the company provides. There is definitely more to come in the company’s future, and its partners, as well as its customers, should look out for any further developments down the line.

To learn more about MySquard, visit the company’s official website. Follow the company’s Instagram profile for more live updates.

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