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Matthew Larson: How Matt put his Business on Autopilot with Virtual Assistants

Matthew Larson

Matthew Larson, originally from the Quad Cities, a medium sized metropolitan area on the Iowa/Illinois border, is a college dropout who went from living paycheck to paycheck to becoming a millionaire in real estate and creating a multi-million dollar virtual assistant company called Rapid Assistants.

Starting his working career as a low paid machinist who supplied parts to companies like John Deere, Matthew Larson became a full-time real estate investor in 2005.

The Aledo High School graduate learned the real estate trade from Dean Graziosi, a Phoenix-based nationally known real estate expert and author of “Be A Real Estate Millionaire,” who has taught how to spot market trends and profit from them. Matt is not only a successful active real estate investor, but is well known for his coaching and education. Well known figures such as Tony Robbins have even hired Matt for his one on one coaching for single family home real estate investing. The Deal Lab is one of the fastest growing real estate education masterminds available.

He started using virtual assistants in his own business in 2015. It wasn’t until 2020 when Covid hit, that he realized how important virtual assistant services really were.

Everything shut down. Sellers didn’t want to meet in person anymore because of the risk of contracting Covid. Employees would have to isolate themselves at the first sign of illness. Businesses were shutting their doors left and right. If a business didn’t have a way to go ‘virtual’, they were forced to close their doors and some permanently.

Matt knew he had to pivot. He already had a few virtual assistants working for him at this point and his business was already remote-capable with employees having the ability to work from home. Up until this point, the virtual assistants on Matt’s team were used mostly for administrative tasks.

Once he saw that the VAs on his team could do so much more than admin work, he decided to start positioning virtual assistants in various positions throughout the company such as: bookkeeping, cold calling, property management, marketing, and so on. Slowing transitioning each role into a virtual assistant position.

Then, Matt did something no one else has ever done. He decided after constant issues with American sales agents, to fully train a virtual assistant to do sales. This VA would be the one negotiating with sellers to buy their houses. He didn’t even know if it would work. But he took the chance and decided to hire and train a VA to do his own sales, internally. The first VA he hired secured 22 real estate contracts within the first 30 days of working. Once he saw how well it worked, he decided to replicate it. And when it kept working, he knew he had to share it with the world and began offering this service to his clients.

Matt created killer virtual assistant sales agents that close more deals at a fraction of the cost of an American closer. With less risk.

Matt shares that he had the following issues with American Closers:

  • High Turnover (they always leave to do their own thing, or to a competitor willing to pay more)
  • Unwillingness to deal in the details (they just want the sale, but won’t do any extra work)
  • He was training his competition

With virtual assistants he was able to avoid all of these issues.

Ultimately, Matt has changed the real estate game for his own business and hundreds of clients. Rapid Assistants helps investors put their business on autopilot by allowing investors to focus on their unique ability and what they actually like doing, while outsourcing the lower paying daily tasks to a virtual assistant. This has been extremely successful for his clients, some of which are closing six-figure wholesale deals due to the use of their Rapid Assistant VA.

If you want to learn more about Matt Larson, his education, or his full service virtual assistant service, head over to and

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