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Matt Ziegert on Overcoming Entrepreneurial Challenges Through the Power of Focus and Mindset

With each passing day, more and more people are becoming attracted to the idea of starting their own businesses and earning the famed title of entrepreneur. But why? Is it the lucrative promise of high rewards? Is it maybe the empowering and exciting idea of ‘becoming your own boss?’ Or is it something entirely different?

The cause is the times we live in, as time is ever-changing, and today’s business world is vastly different from the business world of a few generations ago.

A few generations ago, people worked a single job, most probably in the same company for their whole career, but back then, the system and the associated costs of living allowed them to thrive and earn their retirement with ease. After they retired, the pension they had earned sustained them comfortably through their twilight years. With a life like that, only a small percentage of the population thought of starting their own businesses.

Today, things are a bit different; many entrepreneurs are getting their starts long before leaving school or quitting their day jobs as many businesses now require nothing more than some spare time and a computer. That may be the most probable reason why more and more workers are striving to become independent entrepreneurs who can operate under their own rules.

Even though it may be easy to become an entrepreneur, Matthew Ziegert points out that it’s not easy to become a successful one, but that it’s not impossible with enough persistence and focus. As Matt further explains, “I was never a good student, and many teachers didn’t think I was equipped to be successful. Still, with enough motivation, I managed to fight my way up despite adversity.”

Matthew Ziegert is an entrepreneur and professional mortgage lender with excellent leadership capabilities and a strong entrepreneurial attitude. With the help of his ingenious innovations, he is already reshaping the mortgage lending industry and, in the process, the world.

According to Ziegert, every aspiring entrepreneur should find a successful person to look up to and draw motivation from them, as there is no better fuel to keep someone going.

“I was always motivated by people who were self-starters like myself that held it all together,” says Ziegert. “Some of my idols were successful in business but also at home with family, friends, just able to balance everything out in a healthy lifestyle.”

Ziegert also explains that being an entrepreneur is all about the mindset and how badly someone wants something. “Mindset is everything, even if it means that you have to sacrifice everything and all the time. Ask yourself, ‘How bad do you want it?’” says Ziegert.

He further adds, “Most people say they do, but they’re not willing to put in the nights, weekends, and deal with the failures, rejections. I had to want it as bad as I needed to breathe; it was a necessity. It consumed my every thought and action, but in the end, it was worth it.”


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