Matt Wallace Boldly Predicts $500k BTC and $3 DOGE by 2024

Matt Wallace on BTC and Doge

Matt Wallace, a well-known crypto influencer, predicts we could see Bitcoin at over $500k and Dogecoin over $3 by the end of 2024. 

“We are barely beginning to scratch the surface of crypto adoption,” says Wallace. “Crypto solves so many problems that its meteoric rise is inevitable! Bitcoin is the best store of value, and Dogecoin is the most popular currency in the crypto space. Together they will dominate the world economy. $500,000 Bitcoin isn’t just possible; it’s inevitable. As BTC rises, Dogecoin will have a clear path to well over $3,” Matt told TechBullion. 

Smoking Hopium?

Throughout 2022, the crypto market downturn has led many enthusiasts to deep depression. While global macroeconomic conditions remain uncertain, bitcoin’s next halving is almost two years away. That’s probably why Wallace’s prediction involves the year 2024. Long-term bullish sentiments – like Wallace’s – provide hope in dark times.  

It’s worth noting, however, that Wallace has a history of smoking hopium. In June, the well-known crypto influencer tweeted, “I am so confident Dogecoin will pass $1 by the end of the year, that I will delete my YouTube channel if it does not.” Unfortunately, as September looms, Dogecoin’s price sits around $0.06, making Wallace’s previous prediction unlikely. Still, Dogecoin enthusiasts can hope.

Is this a Stunt? 

Coinciding with his seemingly outlandish prediction, Wallace also just launched his new website today.

“One of the site’s most exciting features is access to the top-of-the-line crypto picks. I’ve been making these predictions for over a year and have seen multiple 100x gains… For example, Dogechain [DC] was my pick from about a week ago and has already done more than 10X since launching.” 


{Caption: DC is up over 1,000% since its August 25th launch. Image:}

Wallace says his team is getting hyped again for their next pick, which they will release in a few days. “If you want to try to get in on this low cap gem early, visit and join now.” Everyone who joins on launch day will get 15% off for life! “See you there :)” said Matt. 

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