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Matt Pinsker chronicles the importance of high-quality DUI defense training

DUI defense

DUI defense is a specialty for attorney Matt Pinsker.

Driving under the influence is a serious offense, but before it is an established fact, it is a criminal charge often filed with a limited basis. Glen Allen attorney Matt Pinsker is highly trained in DUI defense and realizes the unique needs of clients facing prosecution.

A DUI conviction can limit employment opportunities, send insurance costs spiraling and potentially limit access to driving privileges. In short, it is a charge that cannot be casually combated. 

Throughout his career, Pinsker’s work on DUI cases has been recognized with various awards. He is a member of the National College of DUI Attorneys, a group dedicated to providing the advanced legal training necessary for challenging cases. 

Matt Pinsker

Matt Pinsker explains what makes DUI cases unique

The burden of proof for an initial DUI arrest can be strikingly low, with some taking place after a successful breath analysis and completion of field sobriety tests. In these instances, law enforcement may still proceed with an arrest based on general suspicions and observations. A blood test and urine tests may be ordered by the arresting agency in an effort to build a case post-arrest, making retaining the services of a lawyer quickly extremely important. 

A lawyer can offer quick advice to start building a high-quality defense. These include requesting an immediate independent blood test for defense, questioning the basis for the initial arrest, and ordering any additional testing permitted by state and local laws. 

An attorney can also use the basis of the case to negotiate a more rapid release from custody on personal recognizance.

In the courtroom

DUI cases also require a strategic approach in the courtroom. An extremely tenuous case will often break down quickly, and the district attorney may decline charges. In other instances, the case can still be basic, but the prosecution feels circumstantial evidence, such as the presence of any alcohol in the system, can lead to a plea or conviction. In these instances, defense attorneys like Matt Pinsker are skilled at weighing the value of any evidence the prosecution submits to the court and arguing its validity. Many field tests can be disputed, and breath-based alcohol tests are not always accurate. Coordinating with the appropriate experts can help determine if the materials gathered by the prosecution can hold up to cross-examination. 

The value of any additional tests ordered by the defense can also dispute the officials’ findings. For example, if the state did not order a blood test in a timely fashion, but the defense did, it may refute the findings of a breathalyzer or a field sobriety test. 

Attorneys like Matt Pinsker are also uniquely qualified to argue cases involving alleged intoxication by a substance other than alcohol — an ever-expanding field requiring knowledge of controlled substances and over-the-counter medicines.

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