Maths Solving App And Tutoring Service; Interview with Curry Z, founder of Gauthmath

Within 6 months, Gauthmath’s maths solving app generated over a million users. This app is on a mission to make mathematics easier for everyone. Curry Z, the founder of Gauthmath App, will be discussing Gauthmath with us in this interview with TechBullion.

Please tell us your name and about yourself? 

Hi, I’m Curry Z, founder of Gauthmath App. Before Gauthmath, I’ve been working for the tech industry for years, quite fortunately, I was a part of the success of many Apps. One thing I have noticed when I was studying my users was that not all of them were exposed to the same amount of resources. The core of solving the injustice of the global world was and only by education. This was the reason to start Gauthmath, an APP that reallocate educational resources via tech which provides affordable and efficient service to global students. My team and I at Gauthtech are hoping to make education more about students and for more students.

What is Gauthmath and what solutions are you providing? 

Gauthmath is an App that provides 24/7 free math solving and tutoring service, and we are the most efficient and accurate App in the world that solves math word problems. We have now launched Gauthmath in most of the countries in the world, helped K12 students learn one of the most important and challenging subjects ––– math, for free. When our students scan and upload their math questions on Gauthmath, our math tutors, who have been through a strict selection and training process, would be automatically assigned to given explanations. Our App acts as a key platform that has helped students around the world during Covid-19 lockdown, when students couldn’t really get teacher’s help on time. I’ve found that many of our students actually rely on Gauthmath tutors during this hard time.

Could you give us a walkthrough of the Gauthmath app and how it works? 

First, let’s open our Gauthmath App and scan the math problem we want to ask. After taking a picture and uploading, the system will read the question and match us with a tutor who is specialized in the relative category. The tutor then will take a comprehensive assess of the question and send step-by-step explanations over. If there are any further questions, we can also keep asking the tutors for free. Any math questions, including word problems and trigonometry questions, can be solved. We don’t want to set any limits when it comes to math education.

An exciting news is that we plan to establish a study community within Gauthmath App, where students could freely ask and answer any questions while also socializing with others. We hope our students to get the most from Gauthmath App, not just math, but also fun and different skills. 

What is the role of Artificial intelligence technology on the Gauthmath app and what other resources are available to help students? 

Gauthmath could automatically recognize the texts and graphs in the image that users upload, then efficiently solves the problem by using the utmost AI models. We have an awesome team of AI experts. Gauthmath AI expert could give the fastest answers to users. Quite frankly, it is the first App that can accurately extract math word problems and trigonometry questions. We have optimized the system to match students with tutors more efficiently and accurately. Many of our users can get their questions solved by AI in 30 seconds. This is just one step that we have taken to help students learn maths more efficiently. Our team is working seriously to change education through tutoring services.

This is why we created a free homework help community on social media platforms. The Gauthmath community not only provides a place for students to get their questions solved, but also encourages students to help others by becoming a tutor. We believe by this way, students can enhance the maths knowledge they learnt. Besides homework help, students regularly self-organize online events such as talent show, math trivia, and art competition. This enables us to form an excellent ecosystem with students, and they are learning so much more than math in this community for sure.

Group learning can sometimes be fun and helpful, are there opportunities for group learning on Gauthmath, also do you provide any support tutors? 

Yes, we provide a lot of opportunities for group learning. In Gauthmath community on Discord, we have established a study-buddy program, which encourages students to pair up and learn together online during summer vacation. When they find a buddy, who shares the same goal with them, my past experiences tell me that it will be much more fun and efficient to learn together as a team. It is summer vacation now, I truly hope our students could use their time to the fullest. Whatever they do in the summer: sports, arts, languages, or any new skills that they want to learn. Once they find their study buddies, students could start working on their goals together in our community. Statistics suggest that when people find companions to accomplish a task, they have a higher chance to succeed in the end. If they have any questions or need any help, they can just ask in different channels 24/7, and our volunteer students around the world will provide the help they need. In addition, resources on our website (https://www.gauthmath.com/) and YouTube Channel also provide many assistances to our students. I encourage every student to take advantage of the free resources we provide here!

Gauthmath ranked as top 1 on the US educational app ranking chart, any success stories you would like to share with us from students who used Gauthmath? 

I think engaging with users and optimizing our technology are keys to what we are right now. When we first started in December 2020, no one knew Gauthmath, and we definitely had a hard time accumulating and engaging new users. What we did first was to keep optimizing our App, so that students could benefit and save time from Gauthmath. Once users discover a descent App with a core technology, they always keep coming back. I think that’s very important for every startup company. Once users come back to us, we always engage them with our diverse communities. With the strong support of technology and engaging communities, Gauthmath successfully attract users around the world. 

One of our users from Philippines, a 9th-grade student, wrote an email to us one day in February and told his story. Because of Covid-19, he had every class online. It was hard for him to ask for help from the teachers because there were too many students during online office hours, which meant he couldn’t really have a one-on-one experience with the teacher. And for subjects like math, a one-on-one session is more important than any other subject. So he actually got many math help from our App and community, which he still uses now. In the Email, he expressed his support and appreciation to Gauthmath. This story was not long after we launched the App, when we were actually undergoing a lot of difficulties. But this email, and emails like this, actually encouraged us to move forward with a firm educational belief in mind. Because there are millions of users like this student in this world, we want to reach out to more people and help them with Gauthmath. We were certain that we’re doing the right thing.

Is the Gauthmath totally free, any fees involved in using the app? 

Yes, Gauthmath is totally free to use and there are no additional charges on any service we provide. Right now, we have a ticket system which requires students to spend one ticket each time they ask a question. But we are not charging for tickets at the moment. Students could gain tickets by inviting friends to install our app and use our app on a daily basis. This system is made to prevent the abuse of the free tutoring resources.

Is there any other information you would like to share with us today? 

I truly hope that Gauthmath will not only be a free education App, but also creates a diverse community for students to grow skills and mindsets around the world. Our team truly believes that education is not about money, but about children. We would want to create an equal environment for students to learn math in a way that suits them the most. To achieve this, I will lead Gauthmath team to keep on improving our App and connecting to our students along the way. 

For more information, visit the website: https://www.gauthmath.com/

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