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Maternity Photography in Bangalore: Indoors Vs Outdoors

Are you a woman in Bangalore who is well on the way to welcoming your little bundle of joy soon? If so, this is the right time for a memorable mommy photoshoot. Capture the exclusive precious moments that you share with your little one with a mommy photoshoot. One of the most important factors that you need to decide before your photoshoot is the location. You will be overwhelmed by the number of locations viable for maternity photography in Bangalore.

You have breathtaking outdoor scenic spots, architectural landmarks, unique photoshoot locations and creative indoor studios for your maternity photography in Bangalore. In case you are conscious of yourself you can schedule your mommy photoshoot in your house too.

Locate Your Location:

One of the most important things that you need to consider before scheduling your maternity photography in Bangalore is the location. The location for the mommy photoshoot needs to be decided based on many factors. First and foremost, decide on the type of mommy photoshoot you prefer.  Ask yourself if you want natural surroundings, landmarks or something modern and chic. Once this is done you can narrow down some locations.

Another factor to consider is the safety and convenience that the location offers. Check for resting facilities and address accessibility concerns before you select the location.  Also, discuss the light requirements that your photoshoot needs and plan the location accordingly.

Outdoor Locations:

Outdoor locations for maternity photography in Bangalore are:

  • Gardens, lakes and other scenic natural surroundings
  • Historical and Architectural Landmarks
  • Places that resonate with the urban vibes of the city

Doing a mommy photoshoot outdoors has its own set of advantages.

  • It is obvious that you have a lot of space and definitely will help in a more creative photoshoot.
  • The presence of natural light is one of the things that work in favour of outdoor locations. You are guaranteed bright and incredible-looking photos. You can even shoot during the golden hour for classic-looking photos.
  • Unlimited variety of stunning natural backdrops
  • Most of the outdoor locations are free of cost or have minimum cost implications

There are some disadvantages in outdoor locations that you need to be aware of:

  • Inclement weather is a very big disadvantage in outdoor locations. You need to work around bad weather with your photographer to get the best baby bump photos.
  • Another disadvantage with outdoor locations for maternity photography in Bangalore is that you might feel very self-conscious about your growing belly. The lack of privacy is a concern for women especially pregnant ones.

Indoor Locations:

Indoor locations for maternity photography in Bangalore are:

  1. Art Cafes and Indoor Studios
  2. Hotels and Resorts
  3. Home

There are some advantages when you choose indoor locations for your maternity photography in Bangalore:

  • Indoor locations are higher on the comfort quotient as you can control the temperature and environment.
  • Indoor photoshoot locations offer a higher level of privacy compared to outdoor locations. You will feel more at ease resulting in natural and relaxed poses.
  • Indoor locations also offer you consistent and controlled lighting to help photographers capture precise details.
  • You can choose from a variety of props and styles in indoor studios which can a layer of depth and detailing to your photos.

The disadvantages of indoor locations for your maternity photography in Bangalore:

  • Limited space in indoor locations might hinder the type of poses and shots possible.
  • Since it is an artificial environment they lack the natural beauty of parks, gardens and outdoor locations. This can be mitigated by incorporating creative elements in the photoshoot.


Lush green gardens, historic landmarks, serene lakes, magnificent city skylines and a vibrant atmosphere you name it and Bangalore has it. These unique locations will add elegance to your mommy photoshoot. Make an informed choice between outdoor and indoor locations and plan your pregnancy photoshoot. Sit back and get ready to enjoy your maternity photography in Bangalore. Turn the precious moments with your little one into a lifetime of memories. Bask in the glow of your pregnancy and enjoy the magic of motherhood with Klicpic professional photographers who offer maternity photography in Bangalore.

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