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Match Systems Leads Investigation into the Biggest Single Theft in Recent Atomic Wallet Breach

Match Systems, a top-tier information security firm, is leading the investigation into the most significant theft incident during the recent cyber-attack on Atomic Wallet. The company initiated the investigation on June 4, 2023, analyzing the track record of the stolen funds and pointing out the most probable attack vectors.

On June 3, 2023, attackers stole over $35 million in assets from various users, with the largest theft from a single user being almost $8 million. Match Systems is currently conducting an active and focused investigation into this case, aiming to trace the funds being stolen in order to prevent further mixing by the malicious actors.

According to one of the versions, the attackers took advantage of a recent update to the Atomic Wallet website and manipulated the server’s source code to obtain access to users’ private keys. As a result, multiple Atomic Wallet users have complained that their assets or even the whole cryptocurrency portfolios have been lost and in some cases the transaction histories were erased with multiple objects in social networks, since there are nearly 1500 assets supported in the Atomic Wallet.

It’s crucial to mention that Atomic Wallet’s dev team has taken down the page that allowed users to download the desktop applications designed for MacOS, Windows, and Linux-based operating systems (Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora), since the page with the underlying assets was the most probable loophole that was exposed by the cybercriminals.

When reached for the comment, Andrei Kutin, CEO at Match Systems, has emphasized the importance of the ongoing investigation:

At Match Systems, we are committed to delivering precise and current information about incidents like the one that occurred on June 3 with Atomic Wallet. Leveraging our customized analytics tools and the expertise of our team, we were able to track the subsequent transactions performed by the intruders. Although we cannot provide extensive details at this time, affected users can seek additional support by submitting the provided form. Our priority remains assisting users affected by this incident and ensuring their peace of mind.

Match Systems is at the forefront of this critical investigation, working with other security companies and organizations capable of assisting in tracing the stolen assets. 

Our primary goal is to identify the culprits and recover the stolen funds, with a particular focus on the most significant theft of around $8 million., – Kutin added.

Atomic Wallet representatives, as of the publication date, have not shown a desire to thoroughly investigate the incident, apart from identifying the addresses associated with the stolen funds.

Match Systems is an information security company renowned for its expertise in compliance and risk management. With its comprehensive database of tailored marked blockchain addresses, the company offers a range of services, including AML, analytics, due diligence, and forensics, to detect and prevent cryptocurrency incidents. Their primary goal is to create safe environments for crypto enterprises and protect end users from such security breaches. In light of the recent cyber-attack on Atomic Wallet, Match Systems is at the forefront of this critical investigation, collaborating with other security companies and organizations to trace the stolen assets.

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