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Master Your Taxes: Simplify ITR Filing for Freelancers and Self-Employed with Tax2Win!

Self-Employed with Tax2Win!

Attention, salaried employees freelancers, and self-employed professionals! Are you tired of the hassle and confusion that comes with filing your income tax returns? We’ve got great news for you! Tax2win is here with a game-changing solution for all your tax-related problems. Its D-I-Y ITR filing is an excellent combo of efficiency and convenience and a revolution in the ITR filing space.

You don’t need to drown in the piles of paperwork and wrestle with the complex tax forms. Tax2win’s carefully crafted user-friendly interface makes the ITR filing process stress-free. From start to finish, our DIY ITR Filing portal ensures that you experience a seamless ITR filing process and gain control over your taxes. Our platform empowers you to plan your own money and save taxes. 

Whether you are a self-employed professional or a freelancer, our DIY tool is the way to go for filing your ITR. Tax2win makes it extremely easy to calculate tax liability and deductions, plan your taxes and file your ITR. Tax2Win keeps you on top of your game.

This is not all! Tax2Win goes the extra mile to maximize your tax savings. Our intelligent platform uses your income and investment information to uncover potential deductions and exemptions you may qualify for. No more missed deadlines or opportunities to save tax. Tax2win’s tax planning optimizer tool analyzes the applicable exemption, deductions, and investments to ensure that your hard-earned cash stays where it belongs – in your pocket! 

How to File ITR with Tax2Win when you have salary Income?

Step 1: Either login into the tax2win website using your existing credentials or sign up to the portal and create an account. You can do self-filing only in the case of income from salary, business, and capital gains.

Step 2: After logging in, a table consisting of all the possible sources of income opens. You need to select the income sources that you have. Tax2win’s DIY ITR filing system selects the applicable ITR form automatically. Select Income from the business/profession and others (if applicable) to proceed.

Step 3. You need to upload Form 16. In case you don’t have Form 16, you can simply skip the option and proceed further. 

Step 4. Select the F.Y. and enter the PAN Details and DOB. You can pre-fill some of your basic details and other details just by clicking on pre-fill data. By clicking on pre-fill data, you will get an OTP and all basic details will be pre-filled. 

Step 5: Enter a few basic details in the next step. Some of it is pre-filled from the Income Tax Department’s database. Remember to cross-check the information available. 

Step 6: In the next step, you have to fill in your employment and salary details. The standard deduction is applied automatically in the case of salaried employees. 

Step 7: If any TDS has been deducted, then you have to fill out the TDS entries. Otherwise, you can proceed further.

Step 8: Enter the details of the investment made during the year to calculate the applicable deductions.

Step 9: In this step, you are required to enter your bank details. As per government law, it is mandatory to show all the bank details. You can select one account as the primary account. Remember, you will get a TDS refund in your primary validated bank account. 

Step 10: If you have paid the tax, then select yes on Advance Tax or Self-assessment tax, enter the details asked from the receipt generated, and click on continue. 

Step 11: Select the return filing type and choose between the old and the new regime. The system will use all the information provided to it and compute the tax liability according to the regime you choose.

Step 12: Remember to cross-check all the information in return, click on the checkbox and click on “File my return.” 

If you still feel intimidated by the high level of complexities involved in the ITR Filing process, you can also hire our CA Assisted ITR filing service to guide you through the process and make it smooth and hassle-free.

Why is Tax2win Your Go-to ITR Filing Solution?

  • Free and Transparent
  • Easy-to-Use Platform
  • Trustworthy and Reliable
  • Expert Support
  • Maximizing Your Refunds

Tax2Win makes ITR Filing a breeze with seamless electronic filing capabilities. With tax2win, you can confidently skip the long queues and cumbersome paperwork. With Tax2Win, you can submit your ITR with just a few clicks and track your Income Tax refund. 

And when you need expert guidance, Tax2Win has your back. Our dedicated customer support team of tax professionals is ready to assist you. Have questions or concerns? Reach out to us, and we’ll provide personalized assistance to ensure your filing experience is smooth and stress-free. We’re here to make your life easier!

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