Massive Prize Pool of Two Million wLITI on HitBTC Trading Contest

wLITI listing on HITBTC

Liti Capital SA is pleased to announce the wLITI trading contest with a prize pool of 2,000,000 wLITI tokens which will take place from Aug 19sth, 2021 for two weeks.

wLITI is an ERC-20 litigation finance token that is the wrapped version of the Swiss equity token – the LITI token – a true digital share of Liti Capital that has voting rights, pays dividends and is protected under Swiss law. By wrapping its LITI Token, Liti Capital has given retail traders a utility token that is a wrapped version of an asset-backed equity token.

How to participate?

Trade wLITI on HitBTC during the contest period. Then sit back, relax and wait until the end of the contest to see if you won. Users will be ranked on their buy and sell trade volumes during the contest period.

Prizes and Positions

1st position – 600,000 wLITI    

2nd position – 400,000 wLITI    

3rd position – 300,000 wLITI

4th position – 200,000 wLITI

5th position – 100,000 wLITI    

Position 6 – 10th – 80,000 wLITI for each trader

Trading contest link:

Currently the wLITI price is on an upward trend according to the Coinmarketcap price chart. At the current price of $0.04809 the prize pool is more than USD95,000!wLITI Coinmarketcap Chart

About Liti Capital SA

Liti Capital works exclusively in a single form of private equity – Litigation Finance, also called third party funding. Litigation Finance is the practice of financing all or part of a legal case on behalf of a plaintiff for an agreed upon percentage of the court award. The portion owned by Liti Capital becomes a “litigation asset” that backs the LITI token. 

This asset class has remained almost entirely exclusive to hedge funds and venture capitalists since its inception several decades ago. Liti Capital is offering a new way to get retail traders involved in this asset class, by tokenizing its equity.

For project information, please read the Whitepaper.

For token distribution, please read Tokenomics.

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