Massive Onboarding Success: ZTX Adds More Than 200,000 Users in One Day 

An innovative Web3 project ZTX, which combines a virtual world and a creator platform, has achieved a remarkable milestone by introducing more than 200,000 new users to its ecosystem in a single day. This accomplishment comes as a result of a strategic initiative aimed at connecting its legacy Web2 platform with its cutting-edge Web3 offerings. The project’s primary objective is to create a seamless cross-platform experience, allowing users to transition from Web2 to Web3 effortlessly.

An innovative Web3 project ZTX, which combines a virtual world and a creator platform

A Remarkable Campaign 

Over the weekend, ZTX launched a pilot campaign to demonstrate the potential of bridging the gap between conventional Web2 applications and the decentralized Web3 environment. The campaign’s central theme was to inform the community about ZTX’s upcoming on-chain product. Through an innovative approach, ZTX managed to attract a significant influx of users from around the world, with over 200,000 individuals creating new wallets and signing up for the ZTX platform.

The focal point of the campaign was the distribution of a distinctive virtual ZTX hoodie. This unique item was designed to be usable across both the Web2 and Web3 platforms, showcasing a groundbreaking example of cross-platform interoperability. While such interoperability is often discussed within the metaverse space, ZTX’s initiative stands out as one of the rare instances where it has been practically implemented.

More than 20 creators who held a collective follower count of over 8 million on the legacy platform participated in the campaign. They contributed by crafting content and hosting livestreams to educate their followers about ZTX’s expansion into the blockchain. This creator-driven engagement highlighted the strong appeal of cross-platform opportunities.

ZTX’s Forward Momentum: Shaping the Future of Web3 Experiences

Looking ahead, ZTX remains committed to delivering innovative experiences to a broader audience. The project’s next significant milestones include the Genesis Home Mint on OpenSea scheduled for August 30. This event promises to bring forth new and exciting opportunities for users to engage with ZTX’s offerings in the metaverse.

Furthermore, ZTX plans to unveil an updated private beta of its on-chain platform in September. This proactive approach demonstrates the project’s dedication to consistently enhance its offerings, providing infrastructure tooling that caters to a diverse range of creators. By introducing features and builds at an accelerated pace, ZTX aims to empower creators to fully explore the potential of both Web2 and Web3 environments.

ZTX’s recent achievement of onboarding over 200,000 users in a single day stands as a testament to its commitment to bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 platforms. Through its innovative campaigns, ZTX has garnered attention from creators, influencers and users alike. As the project continues to evolve, it paves the way for a more inclusive and interconnected metaverse landscape, where users can seamlessly transition between traditional and decentralized online experiences.

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