Massive Dogecoin Trade Ahead of Moon Mission; InQubeta Presale Exceeding Forecasts with Over $8.3M Raised

Massive Dogecoin Trade Ahead of Moon Mission

One of the largest Dogecoin (DOGE) transactions recently shook the cryptocurrency space, drawing more investors into the altcoin. A massive 635 million DOGE changed hands, moving from unknown wallets to two popular DEXs (Decentralized Exchanges), Robinhood and Binance. This transaction was worth tens of millions of dollars, and it is coming just before the highly anticipated DOGE-1 moon mission is set to launch next year.

Meanwhile, InQubeta’s (QUBE ) presence in the market continues to grow stronger as it advances through its ongoing presale. The cryptocurrency platform has been on everyone’s radar recently, earning predictions of an impressive presale performance. However, the crypto ICO has surpassed expectations by achieving an unexpected milestone. The event has raised a remarkable sum of over $8.3 million during the event so far, inching towards a $10 million mark.

Explore Dogecoin’s latest whale transactions and InQubeta’s unexpected milestone achievement.

InQubeta’s (QUBE) Unexpected Early Stage Performance Points To Upcoming Platform Success 

Since InQubeta started its presale last year, the QUBE token has experienced strong demand that keeps increasing with each stage’s conclusion. The platform’s allocation of over 975 million tokens has been rapidly selling out due to the platform’s future-proof investment model. InQubeta allows QUBE holders to buy NFTs representing investments in some of the most promising AI technologies. This makes InQubeta the best crypto investment because holders can massively profit from AI’s dominance of multiple industries.

Platform users will also be allowed to earn more money by staking QUBE. Stakers will be rewarded from a dedicated 5% tax pool. QUBE’s appealing properties as a governance token with a deflationary mechanism position it to become the highest-growing cryptocurrency by the decade’s end. Since having QUBE is the best way to partake in InQubeta’s NFT marketplace, investors have recognized the presale as the best crypto investment to get in front of the AI trend.

Altcoins deliver the best returns when bought early, so QUBE’s discount price of $0.2240 is the best compared to the $0.0308 it plans to launch at. Although the QUBE has already delivered a 220% surge, the cryptocurrency teases an additional 37% upside potential before the end of the crypto ICO event. Considering the presale’s potential to earn investors massive returns quickly, QUBE’s rapid sale of over 718 million tokens has helped the platform gain over $8.3 million.

This performance is way more than investors anticipated during the beginning of the event, sparking speculation that QUBE has explosive upside potential. There are projections that the upcoming QUBE listing on DEXs (Decentralized Exchanges) could drive the token to more impressive highs. The platform’s roadmap sponsors rapid growth, displaying plans to initiate cross-chain expansion and strategic partnerships as InQubeta develops.

Dogecoin’s (DOGE) Lunar Mission Boosts Whale Activity 

According to Whale Alert, over 653 million DOGE found its way into a wallet on Robinhood and then Binance. The first transaction transferred over 82 million DOGE and more than 102 million DOGE from two unknown wallets to Robinhood. This amounted to more than $15 million in liquidity. Another transaction of over 151 million Dogecoin, estimated to be worth over $12 million, got reversed from Robinhood to another unknown address.

The final one was a transfer of over 300 million Dogecoins from an unknown source to Binance. These massive transactions are coming at a time when the hype surrounding the meme coin is high. The February 2024 DOGE-1 lunar mission launch is a highly anticipated event in the meme coin space. The excitement from it could have bullish effects on the price of DOGE, and these colossal transactions are signs that DOGE whales are preparing for it.

Final Thoughts 

As whale activity increases on Dogecoin and InQubeta blazes past another presale milestone, it is clear that the cryptocurrency market is gearing up for another bullish breakout, and these altcoins are set to explode. The hype surrounding Dogecoin’s moon mission and InQubeta’s platform launch has earned them heightened activity and bullish expectations for their tokens. Although we don’t know when and how high Dogecoin will rally, InQubeta’s highly anticipated 37% surge cements it as a must-buy to start the year.

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