Massage On the Go with KIGASSENZIO’s Portable Massager

As a workout enthusiast, you should invest in a high-quality portable massage gun to use before training to prepare your muscles for the session and after a workout to prevent any possible injury or pain. One of the best brands that makes quality massage guns is the KIGASSENZIO. Kigassenzio massagers are the best for your body relaxation.

Kigassenzio brand is dedicated to assisting workout enthusiast get optimal muscle recovery and improve their well-being. Our top-quality products are designed to enhance your pre and post-workout routines, providing you with the ultimate relaxation experience. Kigassenzio massagers will help you recover faster, boost blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, and improve your range of motion and flexibility.

KIGASSENZIO’s main goal is to ensure that your body gets the best care it requires before and after engaging in a workout. The brand’s technology works hand in hand with your body and not against it to help you regain full strength and refresh your muscles fast and efficiently.

KIGASSENZIO Massage Gun Mini

Looking for a palm-size massage gun for your muscles? KIGASSENZIO Massage Gun Mini is here. This mini massage gun is about the size of a human palm, and it has a net weight of 1.45 lbs. Hence, you can easily carry it in your pocket. You can get this product in either desert rose or matte black color.

With an ergonomic and anti-slip handle design, you’ll comfortably hold this product without any hand or arm strain. To have percussive therapy, this powerful massage gun features three foam attachments (standard head, flat head, and cylindrical head) to use on your neck, hands, back, feet, hip, and whole body. In addition, the KIGASSENZIO Massage Gun Mini breaks the balance between power and size. Apart from being small in size, this deep tissue massager gun helps in relieving muscle pain and easing recovery time.

This massage gun has a battery, and you can recharge it using a TYPE-C cable. While charging, you can place this product on an exclusively designed storage rack that comes with it.

With KIGASSENZIO Massage Gun Mini, you’ll get a deep massage that relieves tension and eases recovery. To have personalized wellness, this product comes with the best torque brushless motor that has three speeds. This makes it suitable for personalized recovery for athletes, injured people, fitness professionals, etc. This product will easily help you get rid of the muscle knots and relax your body.

Special features

  • Three foam attachment
  • Weighs 1.45 lb.
  • Three adjustable speed motor
  • TYPE-C charging method
  • Several ways to grip
  • Has a storage rack
  • Features 12mm deep amplitude

KIGASSENZIO Hot & Cold Massage Gun

KIGASSENZIO Percussion Massage Gun is a cool and hot massage gun that makes it the best solution to handle muscle relaxation and recovery. This product features three adjustable temperature levels that help in heating and cooling. Within 3 seconds, you can quickly adjust the temperature level of this massage gun. The heating effect helps speed up muscle recovery time, and the cool feature helps in relaxing muscle tension.

With three adjustable speed levels, this massage gun offers super penetrating force that helps your body relax. In addition, this massage gun comes with different header shapes to help deliver an efficient massage, reaching deeper into your tissue. KIGASSENZIO Percussion Massage Gun is an excellent choice for relieving plantar fasciitis, muscle soreness, trigger point massage, and myofascial release.

This heated massager gun is battery-powered, and it’s recharged using a Type-C charging cord. With a single charge, this device can operate continuously for 4 hours; however, if this device overheats while in use, allow it to cool for normal use.

KIGASSENZIO Percussion Massage Gun weighing 1.36 lbs. making it easy to use and carry. An ergonomic and comfortable grip with a simple control panel makes it convenient when used. The five different headers available include hot and cold head, bullet head, flat head, U-shaped head, and ball head. The ball head helps in massaging large muscle groups, the spine, and thigh muscles. The U-shaped head is suitable for use on the heel tendon and cervical spine. The bullet head helps in deep tissue relaxation, while the flat head is suitable for bulk muscle and shaping.

Special Features

  • Five detachable headers
  • Weighs 620 grams
  • Three adjustable temperature levels
  • Three adjustable speed levels
  • Type-C charging port
  • 2800-3200RPM motor
  • 4 hours battery


KIGASSENZIO Gun Pro has a cooling and heating function. With these features and vibrations, you’ll get deep into your body muscles for an advanced experience. The heating and cooling function operates within a temperature range of 50 to 113. This product comes in arctic gray and it weighs 1.37 pounds hence more portable.

This massager gun is made of quality metal housing and it comes with 7 interchangeable heads including 2 special attachments. In addition, with a metal massage head, you’ll relax your tight muscles, relieve soreness, and relieve muscle fatigue. The metal cylindrical head is suitable for massaging deep tissue like those of palms, joints, and soles. The flat metal head is suitable for massaging any part of your body. Moreover, the metal spherical head is suitable for muscle groups like those on the arms, glutes, lower back, calves, and thighs. The metal conical head helps in massaging the meridians, palms, feet soles, and rhomboid back muscles. A C-shaped head is suitable for large muscle groups while a U-shaped head is suitable for protruding muscles including the spine and neck.

KIGASSENZIO Gun Pro features a brushless motor that reaches 8mm deep tissue with 22 lbs of force. This device features 3 adjustable speed levels. This product has a strong handle to offer a non-slip grip. This massage gun is battery-powered and with a full charge, it can operate for 4 hours. It’s recharged using a USB-C charging port.

Special Features

  • Comes with a carry bag
  • Powerful motor with 2800 to 3200rpm
  • Weighs 1.4 Pounds
  • Features 7 interchangeable heads
  • 3 adjustable speed levels
  • USB-C charging port


Massage guns from KIGASSENZIO offer a convenient method of reducing muscle soreness while on the go or at home. These products are fitted with a powerful motor that makes them effective. Moreover, the KIGASSENZIO Massage Gun Mini and KIGASSENZIO Percussion Gun come with detachable headers to suit your needs. All three products have a powerful battery to allow you to enjoy the massage at any place. Get either of the products to improve your recovery time after a workout, reduce stress, eliminate muscle/back soreness, etc.

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