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Mass Transit Signage Market Poised to Register a CAGR of 7.7% by 2031

Mass Transit

According to Fact.MR’s latest research, the mass transit signage market is expected to grow at a rapid rate of 7.7% over the next ten years.

The concept of adapting to the advancement of audio-visual solutions with updated technology such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality has resulted in an unexpected increase in demand for mass transit signage.

Even in places where there is a large crowd, these signals are easier to understand. Routing, fault monitoring, routing, and scheduling adherence are all aided by it.

Key Segments

  • By Transit Medium

    • Railways
    • Roadways
    • Airways
    • Waterways
  • By Display Size

    • Below 24 inches
    • 24-36 inches
    • 36-52 inches
    • Above 52 inches
  • By Installation

    • Indoor
    • Outdoor

Who are the Key Manufacturers of Mass Transit Signage Market?

There are different leading manufacturers in this market such as

  • Tripspark
  • Daktronics
  • Transign
  • Yesco
  • Visual Market System.

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Different manufacturers have adopted different types of strategies to capture a higher market share. The strategies include product innovation, expansions and mergers and acquisitions which has led to the overall development. The organic and inorganic growth adopted by the players to strengthen their positions will result in higher demand for display signage in the market.

The Impact of Covid-19 on the Global Mass Transit Signage Market

The coronavirus has wreaked havoc all over the world, disrupting social and economic conditions in every country it has infected. For a long time, the consequences will have to be dealt with. This pandemic is obstructing economic growth and development.

Various companies’ earnings have decreased during this time period. During the lockdown, even large corporations suffered significant losses. Several businesses have been forced to close as a result of this.

The lockdown in different countries halted the operations of various sectors and disrupted revenue streams, and this sector was no exception.

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