MASQ Announces Leading Solution against Internet Censorship that Gives Users Complete Online Privacy

Solution against Internet Censorship that Gives Users Complete Online Privacy

MASQ provides users with complete privacy and anonymity while surfing the net from any location in the world.

MASQ Network announces that they are building a foremost, decentralized mesh-network (MN), that helps to solve the increasingly common problem of online censorship, giving users complete  privacy and anonymity while they surf the net. Through MASQ, users enjoy privileges which are more than what is obtainable with the use of a regular blockchain VPN. They also can enjoy enhanced privacy while surfing the net, coupled with the benefits associated with using Tor technology.

With no traceable ID, credit cards or personal information required, users can go about their usual queries and activities. They become ‘Nodes’ establishing a mesh network – a global community of anonymous internet users. On the MASQ Network, these users are groups into ‘Neighborhoods’. The higher the number of neighborhoods, the stronger the overall network, and vice versa. This implies that the network is powered by a global community who make use of MASQ Network Technology. Each user’s contribution is relevant to the success and continuity of the anonymous web community.

The software is an innovative dive into the future – a next-generation, advanced web privacy protocol for internet users who are tired of being monitored by online snoopers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). The key rationale behind the invention of the software is to help promote Internet Freedom, a common interest among millions of internet users.

MASQ is not limited by location as its coverage cuts across borders, enabling users to surf the net discretely from any location in the world. MASQ users can share their internet connection and find any online content wherever they are in the world and still enjoying enhanced online privacy and anonymity. MASQ ensures that Nodes are connected in such a way that encrypted data connection freely flows from one Node to another pseudo anonymously.

MASQ is more than just an app for browsing the internet privately, it also can be a source of passive income – with MASQ, running the software comes with a reward. Users can earn cryptocurrency into their Ethereum Wallets as they run software while others route through them to surf the net. MASQ tokens are credited to other network users as a reward for serving the network and for helping to power their connection. It is built on Ethereum which is globally recognized as the best option when it comes to cryptocurrencies used for decentralized blockchain apps. Users can purchase MASQ Tokens, and in future versions, set the routine prices that they desire for other users to route through their nodes. The MASQ ERC20 utility token is used to pay for services on the network when a user wants to gain access to online content that is not available to his or her region. Often, the use-case is present due to restrictions placed on that region from gaining access to external content, usually due to economic and political reasons. With MASQ, such unfair location barriers have become a thing of the past. A user living in a country in the AFRINIC region like Togo can now access contents from any website in the ARIN region. This brings about complete Internet Freedom, in the real sense of it.

Developers also can leverage the MASQ app to route app requests and make sure that their app traffic and user privacy are secured. The software enables them to anonymously carry this out through the hops on the network, even without data logs. One of the best features of MASQ is its ability to reduce logging of traffic by Internet Service Providers, together with any other type of third party, from the activities of internet users who are in the MASQ neighborhood, making it extremely hard to spy on users.

MASQ is an open source software which can be freely accessed by any member of the public. The code is developed in Rust and is used for making the software, which can be reviewed by any software engineer or developer who is interested in understanding and building upon the web privacy software.

MASQ Network is presently working on a suite of products that will become a Web 3.0 – an addition to this first privacy software aimed at achieving Internet Freedom. Internet users who want their online activities privatized from public monitoring can subscribe for early-access to the MASQ software by visiting the URL here:

For more information about MASQ Network and the new privacy software ‘MASQ’, visit here:

About MASQ Network

MASQ Network is a leading web privacy service provider committed to providing internet users with innovative softwares that ensure their complete privacy on the internet. The company intends to use its products to bring about an unusual and advanced privacy software through which users get rewards simply by joining its totally uncensored community of internet users. MASQ has brought an innovation that will encourage and step up the global struggle for Internet Freedom, ensuring that internet users enjoy perfect anonymity and privacy. Users can pass across and receive information and contents to and from others, without being assigned an IP address.

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