Finance News Review 2022 – My View of the Broker

Before I begin my Markets Bank review, I’d want to give an introduction to this platform. Markets Bank is a recently established luxury brokerage firm that provides a wide range of trading services. This broker mainly focuses on Forex and CFD trading. There are also cryptocurrencies, indices, and stocks offered.

This broker platform is new and still handled by market specialists with extensive expertise. The management team of this company is one of the outstanding industry specialists with decades of expertise in the financial sector. It indicates that the staff who understands what it takes to thrive in online trading handles this company. The platform’s professional team has made the Markets Bank trading experience accessible to traders of all skill levels, offering education and hands-on assistance.

The broker does not provide irrelevant data; instead, it gives essential details while removing the fluff. It presents information about itself in a precise and easy manner. This platform wants to differentiate by providing exceptional customer service, transparency, and flexibility. If that seems like a brokerage for you, continue reading this Markets Bank review to find more.

First impression

I want to share my experience and first impression of this platform in this Markets Bank review.
One of the first things I noticed when I visited the broker’s website was its unusual design. Here I would like to add that a sensible trader will not select a broker only based on its look.

Right away, I saw how its website is designed differently from other online brokers. There were appearance changes, such as smaller header graphics and text boxes, but also some practical differences. Specifically, I noticed that navigation is the main feature that distinguishes it from its competitors. I find it simple to navigate the website and search for the data and information.

However, all of this points to a company that values its customers and their time. I see this broker platform as a firm that wants you to be happy during trading. That indicates that my Markets Bank review are proceeding with a good start.

Main Features

Now, in this Markets Bank review, I’ll go over some of their features. Moreover, I will share examples from my personal experience to let you fully understand this broker platform and its services.

• Security

The fundamental requirement for any financial asset trading is the safety of your money. I do not trade when brokers fail to prioritize protecting their client’s investments. The growing number of fraudsters and hackers has affected the whole financial trading sector. However, Markets Bank promises to utilize all available security measures to safeguard our security, including security by Comodo, security by Verisign, and SSL Encryption. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) automatically encrypts all credit card payments over the internet and delivers instant notifications to clients.

Fortunately, I’ve never had any security issues while using this platform. I concluded that this broker platform prioritized the comfort and security of my funds by providing extra layers of security and a multitude of contact methods. I believe the platform is more trustworthy than many other brokers.

• Trading Platform

Market Bank offers its users to trade using its sophisticated custom platform. I find that the program has all of the functionality of a specialized platform and complete charting and drawing tools. It was also simple for me to use. I believe even inexperienced traders can immediately understand what they need to do. This platform also provides MT5 trading, allowing traders to select their suitable alternative.
The trading platforms are available on the web and mobile. Also, they offer a Trading app, making it a popular choice for many online retailers. I have used both of them and find them very easy to use.

• Customer Service

The next to discuss in this Markets Bank review is their customer service. This broker platform provides exceptional customer service. I like how the team is always there to answer problems and is very helpful. I’ve never experienced any problems with their customer service.

In my Markets Bank review, I’d want to inform you that as a trader, I’ve always believed that customer service is essential since it demonstrates how much a firm cares about its consumers. And I’ve observed that this brokerage company pays close attention to the requests and concerns voiced by their clients.
However, I believe it would be even better if they included a phone number for video conversations and the live chat option for better and faster communication.

• Trading Conditions

Markets Bank provides excellent trading conditions. They offer modest spreads and quick execution. Fast execution ensures that your trades are completed swiftly and at the desired price. When you trade with low spreads, you will pay less.

This feature, in my opinion, is beneficial for scalpers and day traders because they need to open and complete a large number of deals rapidly and don’t want to spend too much on spreads. I’ve been trading with this forex business for quite some time now. And I’ve never had any issues with their trading circumstances. In my Markets Bank review, I’d like to express my gratitude for the company’s trading conditions.

• Bonus and Promotions

The next topic I’d discuss in my Markets Bank review is bonuses and promotions.
Markets Bank offers excellent bonuses and promotions. They provide a variety to their clients, which has helped me make a lot of money. I’ve taken advantage of several of their incentives and promotions and always found them advantageous.

• Registration process

The registration process comes next in my Markets Bank review. This broker provides traders of all skill levels access to two cutting-edge trading platforms. I found the registration process to be easy. I was just obliged to supply accurate information for communication. To register, they just asked for my Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number, and Password.

• Accessibility

Their website is user-friendly. I could access it from anywhere and at any time. I believe it is also a significant benefit for the company since it allows traders to trade with them from all around the world.
Let me share a personal experience with you all in my Markets Bank review. I once traveled to another nation and wanted to trade, but I didn’t have my laptop. So I connected to the Markets Bank website from my phone, and without any problem, I was able to trade using my smartphone, and it truly impressed me.

Pros and cons

In my Markets Bank review, now I’ll discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages I’ve discovered in this company over my trading experience. The pros comprise all of the positive things I’ve encountered, while the cons are the things I’ve noticed we’re missing in this broker firm.


1. The starting page of this broker is simple, displaying only the firm logo and account balance. They offer an easy-to-navigate interface for each section with a simple and direct design. It helps people quickly find what they are searching for.

2. The best feature of this broker platform, which I’ll consider in my Markets Bank review, is its trading app. This app simplifies trading for me. Therefore, I was able to trade while on vacation.

3. I believe that their MT5 trading program is better suited for experienced traders.

4. This company has many systems in place to ensure the security of customers’ information. SSL encryption protects the company’s website, keeping the data private and safe from illegal access. They also use two-factor authentication for increased security.

5. Markets Bank is an excellent brokerage for new traders. They provide a variety of features that might assist newcomers in getting started with trading. They, for example, offer a comprehensive education center where users can learn about various trading methods and principles. Such qualities might significantly help in trading and becoming a successful trader.


1. There are also no video tutorials on the website, which would be helpful to newbies.

2. While trading, traders choose brokers with whom they can easily interact. This broker only offers English and French dialects, which is unfortunate. Some people may have difficulty since their first language is not on the list.


I hope you found my Markets Bank review interesting. I believe it is a fantastic brokerage that provides a wide range of products and benefits to its clients. Before making your final decision, I will surely want you to put it on your “under consideration” list and go over the important topics I have highlighted in this review. Remember that researching numerous brokerages before deciding on one could truly help you make the proper decision. Thank you for reading my Markets Bank review; I hope you found them useful.

Disclaimer: This review is based on my personal experience and knowledge, and it is not intended to be a recommendation.

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