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MarketNgage: A Revolutionary Intelligence Engine for Today’s Research Needs


Extensive market research is essential for succeeding in a highly competitive business arena. Knowing about the competitors, existing products, and the future projections is essential to achieve business goals. Precisely, market research helps an organization to transform tricky business decisions into calculated and well-studied ones.

A good market research organization is of immense importance for understanding the current and future scenario of a particular sector. What if a stakeholder gets all the information about a specific market on a single platform? How about combining the power of four market research organizations for comprehensive information on each aspect of a particular market? MarketNgage is the answer to these questions!

Introducing MarketNgage, the world’s most advanced intelligence engine. A synergy of 4 market research powerhouses, this platform assists the stakeholders in obtaining deep-researched information on various segments of a specific domain or market. The prime objective of MarketNgage is to provide its clients with the necessary information and statistics about their sector and enable them to stay ahead in their area. Being the best in a sector requires relentless information and excellent primary and secondary research. MarketNgage fulfils these requirements and is like fuel for the stakeholders to reach the destination of success.

Getting the required information without buying the entire report just got easier with MarketNgage! If a stakeholder is searching for a specific insight related to a region or category, MarketNgage offers only the relevant insights instead of buying the full report. The stakeholder pays only for the insights s/he desires. Further, one can rent the report for a specific period, eventually helping in cost-cutting.

The market research companies powering the MarketNgage platforms are one of the most experienced players in the Research Industry and have scripted key business transformations. The rich experience and actionable insights prove to be of great value to the stakeholders.

MarketNgage is not just a platform but a revolution in the market research industry. Some vital benefits are as follows:

  • Data Visualization and Interactive Dashboards
  • Flexi-Pricing Model
  • Fully Integrated Research Solutions
  • Deep Coverage across Niche Categories

The NGAGE Model

MarketNgage has adopted the state-of-the-art NGAGE model. The points in the model act as robust pillars that lay the foundation of exceptional market intelligence. Here are some details about the NGAGE model.

NGAGE stands for:

  • Noteworthy Insights
  • Global Analysis
  • Accurate Forecast
  • Genuine Information
  • Extensive Report Range

Noteworthy Insights: The insights from MarketNgage are detailed and precise. The insights help companies make better and faster decisions. Great visualizations with graphs, tables, charts, etc., assist in explaining the point to the stakeholder clearly.

Global Analysis: Using various data sources, the analysis of each market is in-depth and in tandem with the current scenario. Be it the COVID-19 impact or any small aspect that will make a huge impact on the market growth, the reports have it all.

Accurate Forecast: While studying a market, one should not only look the past and the present scenario but it is also vital to estimate the upcoming period. The accurate forecast from the reports can assist stakeholders in planning their operations effectively, ultimately benefitting their revenue cycle.

Genuine Information: The information included in the reports and insights is cross-checked and verified from multiple sources. This factor ensures transparent and accurate information to the clients.

Extensive Report Range: From Automobiles to Artificial Intelligence, every domain is covered under the MarketNgage platform. All one has to do is enter the keyword in the search bar and find the required reports.

The numbers speak for themselves!

  • 2 mn+ insights
  • 1200+ Niche Segments
  • 80%+ Fortune 1000 Clientele
  • 75%+ Renewal Rate

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