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Marketing is Bound to Make an Impact in Your Business | Here Are Some Reasons Why

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Your business needs marketing to succeed in the current climate – it’s not up for debate! Still, many companies need convincing to get their marketing game plans together.

With the help of owners and execs, here is a definitive list of reasons why marketing in the modern business world is an absolute must.

First Impact: Initial Impressions and Clicks

“Always remember that we’re dealing with goldfish-level attention spans out there among the masses. People are being pulled in a million different directions at once by apps, websites, texts, emails, and everything else you can imagine. That’s why the most impactful marketers are focused on killer first impressions and hooking attention in a split second.” – Ben Thompson, CEO of Hardwood Bargains

“It’s all about clicks and traffic right now, so build marketing campaigns based on those objectives from the outset. You want eyes on your page, on your products, and on the core message of your company. High volume is key in terms of impressions, because many will slip through the cracks.” – Lauren Kleinman, Co-Founder of The Quality Edit

“It always helps to simplify the issues facing your business to solve them fast with clear solutions. Traffic and impressions are perfect examples. To sell more products, you need more people to see your products, and see them in a good light. That is really the essence of marketing, no matter what medium you prefer to use.” – Rachel Jones, Head of Public Relations at Hope Health

Second Impact: Customer Retention and Loyalty

“Many marketers are too short sighted and forget about the importance of customer retention and satisfaction after the initial sale. If you approach marketing as a holistic thing – not just a set of quick tactics – you’ll keep customers happy and interested long after they buy and use your product. This is how you build legendary brands and achieve astronomical success.” – Ryan Rockefeller, Co-Founder and CEO of Cleared

“As a marketing professional I always keep customer service concepts in mind. The variety of choices customers now have has flipped the classic model of supply and demand. This has put the power in the hands of the customer. Now, it’s about knowing what the consumer wants and serving them. Otherwise, they will find what they are looking for elsewhere.” – Anna Segova, Owner of Alterno Studio

Third Impact: Improved Targeting and Analytics

“We’re in the data generation when it comes to marketing, and this has huge implications for how you structure and coordinate your content. We have a wealth of useful information right at our fingertips, and it shouldn’t be taken for granted! Harvest as much data as possible and use it to make incremental improvements to forthcoming campaigns.” – Dylan Trussell, CMO of Culprit Underwear

“I’m always fascinated by the sheer volume and variety of information we get from our analytics software, even the free stuff. You can drill down and see exactly where customers are coming from, how they’re navigating your site, and the types of products they prefer based on timing and patterns. Put all these pieces together, and you have a treasure trove of data for your business across the board.” – Michael Jankie of Natural Patch

“People shop and learn in very different ways compared to just a few years ago. This means businesses – and markets in general – need to adapt or risk extinction.” – Brian Halligan, CEO of HubSpot

Fourth Impact: New Connections and Partnerships

“Effective marketing serves many purposes beyond just bringing in new business. It’s also a great way to put your brand name out there and make lucrative connections in your industry or beyond. This allows you to expand your network and partner up with other companies or individuals who can multiply your results by huge margins.” – Mike Clare, CEO of Mood Health

“At no point in time should you stop growing your network or connecting with others in beneficial ways. In the marketing department, this could mean pursuing influencer marketing or writing guest posts for a popular publication. Never allow yourself to be satisfied with where your marketing is at – always strive for more.” – Mike Pasley, Founder of Allegiant Goods

“The impact of marketing on your business is tremendous, and it’s more than just getting clicks, likes, and sales. Marketing is how you present your brand to the entire world and lead with a strong first impression. This will help you with vendors, distributors, partners, influencers – any area of business that matters to the bottom line.” – Riley Burke, Growth Marketing Manager of Ohza Mimosas

Fifth Impact: Long-Term Competitive Advantages

“So many brands have been hampered by poor marketing, and this hurts them across the board. It’s harder to gain momentum when your marketing is not up to par. In many cases, marketing is the missing link that a business needs to launch into the stratosphere!” – Lindsay McCormick, Founder and CEO of Bite Toothpaste

“If you’re thinking long-term, marketing should be right up there with products and services as far as your top priorities are concerned. That’s how you stay relevant in the hearts and minds of the customer, who is always on the lookout for something better and more affordable.” – John Wu, Co-Founder of Gryphon Connect

“Want to future-proof your business starting today? Start taking marketing more seriously. It will force you to adjust with the times and adapt to new cultural and commercial norms. It’s a great way to stay on top of your game and outpace competitors, regardless of how your actual products and services stack up.” – James Sun, Founder of Beautytap

Marketing is beyond important for modern business, to the point that you simply can’t survive without it. Use these tips to your advantage to master digital marketing and double down on your strengths as a company.

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