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Marketing forecasts for a post-Covid 2021 with Federico Lazzerini

We usually ask top executives in the United States to share their annual forecasts. For 2021, we sought information in Europe on how post-Covid marketing will change. We talked about it with Federico Lazzerini, Italian, 29, in the Forbes rankings in the Business and Marketing field and among the most influential emerging consultants on the market.

Brands will need to be clear about their values, Federico Lazzerini says. “In 2021, vocalizing valueswill no longer be the exception for brands, it will be the rule and marketers need to be prepared to strive for their authenticity. Consumers are reaching a tipping point in using their money, believing the brands responsible for higher ethical standards. – Federico Lazzerini continues – in Italy I recently launched an extraordinary platform that will take care of the brand’s reputation and sustainability, this in the next ten years will be a very strong business. Unfortunately, Social Networks do not have a barrier of entry and everyone can hear everyone.

But the direction of the market is changing, as is human behavior on the other side of the screen. Despite this, it is always better that the message comes from the CEO rather than from the company’s official channels, Federico Lazzerini tells us. Brands should focus on authentic, data-driven storytelling. “The COVID-19 crisis has put pressure on the budget of every company, including big companies. Now more than ever, storytelling is critical in connecting the value of your product to the challenges your customers face. But it has to be done in an authentic and data-backed way. In this environment, you can’t come up with a narrative and look for data to justify it. With COVID-19, data is changing so fast that we need to use it to guide and shape our narratives from the start, says Federico Lazzerini.

Every person at the forefront of your business, whether it’s a marketing manager, account executive, or sales engineer, needs to be armed with data right now. Only then is it possible to create impactful stories that reflect what’s happening in the world and are backed by evidence that will authentically connect with your customers. We have seen that the pandemic has changed user preferences in more ways than one and, as a result, consumers are more likely to deal with brands that represent social issues that make the world a better place, are transparent, and truly help the world.

And then for 2021, says Federico Lazzerini, marketing once again aims to eliminate clutter, differentiate and provide customers with fluid and friction-less experiences. The pandemic hasn’t changed things, if anything, I believe it has pushed marketers to be agile, to embrace digital-only initiatives and to think more creatively.

Looking towards 2021, I am focused on making marketing more of a team sport by mobilizing cross-functional teams across the company, especially with events. Last year we lost a lot with physical events due to the pandemic, however, I am convinced that the physical manifestations will not die out and will undoubtedly experience a rebirth, however, this still seems far away.

Federico Lazzerini was born in Pietrasanta, in the Tuscany region. entrepreneur and marketing consultant among the most appreciated in Europe as witnesses of notorious publications such as class cnbc, forbes, fortune, maxim.

He is the strategist behind many celebrities, companies and professionals and you can find him on Instagram at @felazzerini

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