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Marketing Done Right: 4 Types of Promotional Videos Utilised by the Top Companies


It’s never been easier to run an online campaign. There are so many platforms and tools out there that making the content itself has never been easier, nor more affordable. After all, you can make quite effective content using just your smartphone. However, this creates the question of what kind of content you should be focusing on making.

That’s kind of the problem. With so much content out there, there are so many options to choose from out there, it can be hard to not only stand out from the crowd but also retain your quality and truly know which approach to take.  In today’s guide, we’re going to explore five of the top forms of promotional video the top companies are using to help guide your thinking in the right direction.

Videos That Educate

Explainer videos are so important within a business because they help your customers to understand what you’re working on and what you’re trying to achieve. Their simple aim is to eradicate any confusion people may have when working with your business.

Within the introduction of your explainer video, you need to highlight the problem that a customer is currently dealing with, and then show how your product or service addresses the problem. You’ll want to keep these videos brief, character or persona-driven, and conclude with a clear CTA (call to action) for the best results. The CTA keeps your customers moving forward into your sales funnel quickly and efficiently.

Videos of Product Demonstrations

Product films, especially those made by leading video production Melbourne companies, can literally be about any part of your product or service, and you’re only limited by your imagination. However, you’re going to want to ensure you capture at least the characteristics, benefits, and unique selling points.

Basically, you need to focus on highlighting the important information that viewers can learn from directly and can all be included in the context.

Within your content, you’ll need to show what your product can do, and what the viewers can do with it. This type of content is also known as product demos, these are in-depth informational takeaways designed to persuade potential consumers. You can create as many demo films as you want for one specific product, just make sure you’re presenting new information each time and focusing on one core aspect of what you’re offering.

Video Testimonials

Three simple words you need to remember. User-Created Content. It’s simple. Allow your customers to do the marketing for you. Okay, it’s not that easy, but it is important to use this type of content. Think about all the social media posts and testimonials your clients and customers have made with your products or while using your service.

With permission, you can share this content directly, or compile the content into a video format, even if it’s short content like a Tik Tok or Instagram Reel.

Producing testimonial films or customer reviews on a large scale in this way is one of the most effective ways to influence potential clients. When consumers are looking to work with a business, they frequently look for other reviews of previous customer experiences before making a purchase, so reduce the risk they’re taking by spending their money with you.

Behind the Scenes Videos

A business culture video may appear to be an afterthought, but it is just as crucial as any other video material for your marketing initiatives. This captivating film provides in-depth information about the brand from the perspective of an employee. When utilised to hire the proper employees for your firm, it’s quite effective.

However, when displaying your company’s worth in general, this form of video content might be an excellent way to hook potential clients. Many leads are intrigued by the brand’s culture because it reveals how it operates behind the scenes.

In your industry, emphasising a company’s mission, values, and work ethic can help your customers see what kind of business you actually are and can also encourage potential partners to collaborate with you.


Videos have now become an essential component of any company’s marketing strategy. This captivating video aids businesses in gaining more attention. Do some research within your industry and niche and develop some creative ideas of how you could present yourself. Your imagination only limits your business, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

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