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Keep it Simple, Straightforward and Transparent – Marketers’ Video Mantra for 2021

Video Mantra

When you bring a piece of magnet close to an iron surface it sticks to the surface with a smack. The attraction is instant, and the pull is vigorous. You can feel the same connection between marketers and videos.

Marketing professionals love creating videos. Videos are perfect for bundling information and sharing it with others in an interactive way as opposed to sharing a google doc or meeting notes. What adds more spice to this love story is the mutual feeling shared by the audience. People love watching videos, and it’s one of the easiest ways for them to consume content online. 

This is also supported by the fact that the attention span of an average human being has diminished. So unless you’re serving them information in a short, consumable, and entertaining format, they will start looking elsewhere. 

There are different ways marketers are creating videos, but the one that we will be discussing today is screen video recordings.

What exactly are screen video recordings?

When you create video content by recording your screen it’s called screen video recordings. At first, this definition might sound a little off, but that’s the simplest way of explaining it. However, don’t let its simplicity deceive you, screen recording videos are one of the simplest and most effective ways to create content. 

At the end of the day, your target audience is expecting to see good content, and that can be produced using your laptop screen too. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on making videos — that’s not the only way to get engagement. 

Now that we ended on that note, let’s take a look at some benefits of creating screen video content.

What are the benefits of using screen video recordings?

We already covered that part where you don’t have to spend a lot on making screen recording videos, so let’s strike out the budget as one of the benefits. Here are a few other benefits that you should know – 

Zero training: Making screen recording videos requires zero training. As long as you know how to use a laptop and what you want to record, you’re good to go.

More personal: Most of the screen video recorders allow webcam and microphone recording. This means it’s not just your screen now. They can see you and hear your voice too, so it’s like you’re having a private conversation with them.

Really quick: This is the best part. When you’re not dependent on anyone, and it’s easy to get started, you can produce video content on your own very quickly. You don’t have to spend months getting your video production, media and editing team together to shoot a video.

This was only a quick list to help you get the point of how helpful screen video recordings are, there’s more to this blog. In the next section, let’s find out what are the different types of videos you can create using screen recordings.

What are the different types of videos you can create using screen recording videos?

Videos can be made for different purposes, and the same goes for screen recordings too. Here are the top5 purposes of making screen video recordings –

1) Product Demo: You can’t be going on a screen-sharing session every time to give a product demo. Instead, by sending them a screen recording you can tell them how things can be done without losing the personal theme. More time-saving and effective too.

2) Tutorials: Tutorials or explainer videos are more problem specific – show the step-by-step process on how to resolve a problem, and you’re done. Screen recordings fit great here because you can show the steps, record your voice and even annotate on screen. Here’s a link to the list of the best tutorial video makers.

3) Sales videos: It’s tough to get conversions and replies from cold sales emails. But, if you use a screen recording as a video message and embed it in the email, there’s a good chance of getting attention.

4) Employee training videos: New employees are often hesitant to ask questions. Especially if you use complex systems. Help them with screen recording videos to show instructions, code database, work culture, and everything that helps them to be a part of your work culture.

5) Product launch videos: A product launch video can be kept simple yet informative by using a screen recording. As a marketer, you can personally show the world why and how your product is good. 

6) Customer Service Videos: Modern video chat software lets you connect with your customers on a deeper level where you can have conversations face to face. This is specifically very useful for customer service/support teams where you can easily ask your customers about their genuine feedback and concerns. Recording such videos would be useful to dissect conversations at a later stage where you can find rooted issues your customers are facing. Plus, such videos can be useful for new service reps.

Where to get started?

There are many screen recorders in the market. Pick the one that fits the budget and gives the maximum value to your needs. It’s worth mentioning here that there are tools like Vmaker that offer excellent benefits to users even in the free plan. You can also upgrade to the paid plans to use the best of their advanced features. Give it a shot, highly recommended. 

Wrapping up

Screen recording videos are great for marketers to produce content continuously without being dependent on anyone or crossing their budget. Screen recording videos can be used in different ways from improving conversion to training new employees.

To get started, there are many options available, and tools like Vmaker have one of the best deals in the market. If you’re a marketer reading this and have not thought about using screen video recordings, you now know where and how to get started.

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