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Marco Bitran Highlights How He Got Into the Real Estate Sector

Marco Bitran is a real estate professional based out of Boston, Massachusetts. Marco attended MIT where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Economics and Mechanical Engineering. Following graduation, he pursued several professional opportunities before shifting his career focus and enrolling in Harvard Business School.

He founded a real estate business in 2010 alongside his wife and since then has experienced extensive growth. Origin Property Group is an organization that helps strengthen local communities. As a recognized industry leader, his firm has partnered with various developers to rebuild the Boston area.

In addition to his professional achievements, Marco is a philanthropic and active member of his community. As a certified Pilot, Marco regularly donates his airplane, fuel and time for Angel Flight and Patient Airlift Services, flying immunocompromised patients to their medical appointments. He claims that it’s wonderful to have the opportunity to give back to those who are in need.

What inspired you to enter the real estate sector?

I initially attended university to become an engineer, and earned my bachelor’s degree from MIT. However, once an investment opportunity came along, I switched gears and really transitioned into the business landscape. I became less interested in my initial path and knew that I could make a living in real estate and investing.

Over a decade later, we now own properties throughout Massachusetts including Boston, Worcester, Fall River and Everett.

What was your introduction to the real estate industry like?

We started Origin as a family based business following the real estate crash and other business challenges that we faced in and around 2008. As I mentioned previously, I started my career in engineering, but was always drawn to real estate. My wife and I noticed several inexpensive properties nearby, so we made the decision to invest. We slowly began purchasing properties that required minimal work and it wasn’t before long that we had obtained a fairly diverse holding. As a result, we were able to take on larger construction projects and purchase buildings that required significantly more work.

Do you have any professional advice for individuals just starting their career journey?

I would tell them to make as many professional connections as possible. The real estate sector is lucrative, but it’s also time consuming and fraught with risk, so it’s helpful to have other experienced individuals teach you how to navigate various challenges you may face. I’d also tell those who are just starting to be patient and to refrain from making irrational decisions. Building a company requires you to take a step back and continuously re-analyze your efforts.

How have you handled challenges along the way?

I think adjusting my way of thinking has really helped me grow professionally and as an individual. When first starting out, I spent too much time focused on smaller issues instead of finding the source of the issue. I was also less self aware. I sometimes let my emotions get the best of my decisions. Now, somewhat older and more experienced, I am able to take a step back and re-evaluate what needs to be done and how we can accomplish certain goals.

What makes you successful?

I would have to say our ability to see the big picture and work hard. I have also had to reinvent myself several times. We take a lot of dilapidated buildings and transform them into completely new spaces. It’s a very creative process which requires extensive planning. We are currently working on an affordable housing project in Roxbury with Madison Park, a community development corporation that manages a wide range of property. This project is also in conjunction with the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts – a non profit organization that provides job training for underserved communities. We also have projects going with a variety of other developers.

I would have to say our continued efforts serving local communities is what makes us so successful. We work diligently to serve our local communities and take pride in our ability to develop affordable housing.

What does the future hold for your industry?

I am excited by Boston’s continued growth in terms of communities and real estate. When I first started the company we only invested in Boston, but now we own or manage  several hundred units all within Massachusetts and also Memphis, TN. We also provide capital to other developers as part of EVO Origin Funding. I am excited to see where the industry will go in the next ten years and how Origin PropertyGroup will continue to create new opportunities.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

I would tell my younger self that 1) every challenge I face would be worth the success I have made throughout my career, 2) when in doubt, always do the right thing, and 3) to have patience and to stick to the long-term plan. Having the ability to completely revitalize communities is highly motivating and well worth the challenges and routine issues one faces on a routine basis.

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