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Marc Roberts, the Wonderful Wizard of Miami

Wizard of Miami

Few people know Marc Roberts by name or could spot him on the street. But today in Miami, Florida, millions of people are enjoying the fruits of Roberts’ inspired work without knowing its origin. Roberts is Miami’s wonderful wizard who has purchased, owned, and sold a massive percentage of all the real estate in downtown Miami. But where did Roberts come from, and how did he become such a monumental influence on the city of Miami?

At the beginning…

Marc Roberts is from New Jersey. He was born in Newark and his parents raised him in West Orange. At 19, Roberts began his entertainment and sports management career by becoming the youngest person in history to promote a professional boxing match. At 21, he achieved his first world championship with fighter Donald Curry.

What is Marc Roberts’ sports management career like?

Roberts had a passion for sports since he was a kid. His love for sports carried him into college, playing for American University’s Division I basketball team. While in college, Roberts quickly saw an opportunity in sports management after hearing his teammate Russell (Boo) Bowers complain about agents who had been beating down his door day and night to offer their services in representing him. So, Roberts seized the opportunity: he approached Boo about becoming his agent. From there, Roberts began to build a business, signing umpires, athletes, and players from all sports. Generally, he would sign any talent that chose him as their representative. At one point, the Plainfield Athletic Club contacted Roberts and asked him to manage three of their state champion boxers. This was the moment when, at 19, he became the youngest person to ever promote a professional boxing match.

From there, Roberts knew that his passion and consistent support would help him to grow and solidify his sports management empire. In the beginning, he raised money to market his fights as a rookie agent and promoter. He raised $60,000 through loans and even sold his car at one point. At 21, he had collected enough money to manage many world champions, including two heavyweight world champions, Shannon Briggs and Ray Mercer.

Roberts formed Triple Threat Enterprises and took it public on the NASDAQ market as his first sports management company at the age of 28—making him the first person ever to take a sports management company public. At 34, he had founded his second company, Worldwide Entertainment and Sports. This company went public through an IPO, affording Roberts the opportunity to shift his professional sights away from sports management and into the blossoming Miami real estate development industry.

Marc Roberts’ Miami real estate success

In 2003, Roberts and Arthur Falcone began assembling a development project in a prime downtown Miami location. Roberts began working toward his specific vision of consolidating the Park West District. After envisioning both residential and commercial towers in this prime location, Roberts and Falcone took the bold step of investing their money in this risky but golden opportunity. Today, Park West District, a Miami neighborhood formerly known as an area that cargo trucks would pass through to reach the nearest port, is home to elite residences like One Thousand Museum, Marina Blue, and 900 Biscayne.

By 2008, Marc Roberts and Arthur Falcone had invested approximately $100 million in the deal.

Later, Roberts co-founded Miami Worldcenter, which became the second-largest mixed-use development plan in Miami proper. In 2018, Roberts partnered with Romie Chaudhari. He then set his eyes on the remaining Park West District neighborhood, partnering with Chaudhari and Michael Simkins to consolidate the rest of the area. Today, the three partners own most of Park West’s sections on Miami Worldcenter’s northern border. The land is more than 11 acres and is some of the most prized real estate in Miami today.

Roberts and his partners have many future real estate investment opportunities due to the four prime corners of the assemblage. Within a small radius of their land, ongoing development projects are predicted to be worth $6–7 billion. Today, Marc Roberts and his partners are waiting for the completion of Miami Worldcenter. When completed, they will determine whether to sell it, build more, or implement a joint venture.

What about his nightclub and hotel in Miami?

Marc Roberts is the co-founder and owner of club E11EVEN, plus the land on which the club and hotel sit. The club has special licenses that make it unique. Apart from that, Roberts and his partners own almost all the rights on the club’s 24-hour district street, along with all but two buildings on the street. Roberts has significantly contributed to establishing the E11EVEN brand and its popularity by bringing in high-profile actors, athletes, and wealthy businesspeople to enjoy its offerings.

With such efforts, it took only five years for Roberts to make the name E11EVEN synonymous with the most sought-after and luxurious of Miami’s nightlife options. He completed the deal and brought the Simkins family and operator/owner Dennis DeGori on board as partners. He assigned himself the responsibility of branding the club, while his partners were responsible for implementing the daily management of the club and each evening’s rolling out of the red carpet for high-profile clientele.

With E11EVEN a monstrous success in the Miami club scene, Roberts officially has become the beating heart at the center of Miami’s evolution into an international destination for so many industries and travelers from across the world.

The wonderful wizard of Miami is alive and well

“The man has bought, owned, and sold a huge percentage of all the best real estate in downtown Miami. But hardly anyone knows it; in fact, others take credit for his work. He’s like the Wizard of Oz, the man in the background making things happen.”


It is evident that Marc Roberts’ vision of turning the city of Miami into an international sports and entertainment hub has been a massive success. From Newark to Miami, Marc Roberts has accomplished more than most people can in 10 lifetimes. His efforts continually breathe new life into Miami’s various economic sectors, thus benefiting the society and people of Miami every single day.

Currently, Marc Roberts lives in Miami Beach, Florida, with his wife, Marci Lynn, and two sons, Justin and Ryan.

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