Marc Beardslee Discusses Pharmaceutical Advancements in 2022

Marc Beardslee has watched the pharmaceutical industry grow in many exciting ways over the last few years, especially with new advances and innovations that make this field more thrilling. He anticipates big changes in 2022, even beyond newer vaccines and better treatment methods. Here are a few concepts to watch for 2022 and beyond and the ways that they might improve the pharmaceutical world.

Pharmaceutical Advancements

Marc Beardslee: Watch These 2022 Pharmaceutical Changes

In 2021, people were very interested in the pharmaceutical industry for obvious reasons: the COVID-19 pandemic and the response. Marc Beardslee watched the industry grow in many ways, including things like online search results. In 2021, the pharmaceutical industry jumped by 3,352% in blogging mentions, and, as a result, this market is being examined at an even higher rate than normal.

Some of the biggest changes that seemed to advance in the market were telemedicine and social media diagnosis. With lockdowns and COVID-related restrictions in place, more and more people turned to telemedicine. This trend will likely remain the same in 2022, with new innovations, including remote prescription diagnostics and even drone medicine deliveries, being a distinct possibility.

Marc Beardslee

Marc Beardslee

Marc Beardslee is particularly interested in this latter possibility. People who can’t get medications due to long driving distances or other concerns may find themselves getting drugs delivered right to their door. The benefits of this process are obvious. First, it will help take care of many common health issues by allowing people to make quick prescription refills before getting their medications delivered.

Another unique possibility in 2022 is the advent of almost immediate crisis alert options. Increasing internet speeds, broader broadband options, and fiber optic connections may help doctors and those in the medical community alert the public to crises and other emergencies almost immediately. For instance, an outbreak of COVID or other conditions may become immediate public news.

This kind of sharing is likely to be fueled by doctors, patients, and social media accounts, Marc Beardslee says. He notes that social media sharing has reached an even higher level than in the past, with more people commenting on their medical status than ever. But, just as importantly, these individuals have a better understanding of their diagnoses thanks to an increased online doctor presence in many markets.

Beyond these more connected times, it’s also possible that better treatments for conditions such as cancer, bacterial resistance, and others may become available in 2022. There are many researchers examining these problematic diseases, with many biopharmaceutical start-ups right on the fringes of breakthroughs. 

Marc Beardslee also anticipates a heavy increase in pharmacy openings and alternatives to traditional PBMs for prescription drug management throughout 2022. New pharmacies, including chain options and small community-based private businesses, are likely to grow and expand. In addition, individuals are seeking a greater level of information about their healthcare treatment options and greater transparency of prescription drug pricing.

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