MappedSwap: Decentralized Exchange Announces Giveaway Campaigns and Deals for Users

MappedSwap Protocol, a decentralized, on-chain trading exchange on Eurus Network, is launching two exciting campaigns this April for exchange users. The DApp team disclosed Campaign 1 and Campaign 2 would run concurrently for a month, starting from April 13 to May 12, with lots of rewards for participants. 

In addition, the protocol has announced an exclusive deal for all new users. According to MappedSwap, all new users will get free 0.1 EUN that covers about a hundred transactions on the Eurus Blockchain. All new wallets connected through the protocol will incur zero trading and staking fees. 

More Details About the Upcoming Campaigns

The campaigns aim to lower the entry barrier for new users and referrers to earn MST and allow traders to leverage the 10x margin trading function to maximize their earning potential. As a protocol with large liquidity and financial security, MapperSwap intends to use the campaigns to onboard new traders and help them get familiar with trading various virtual assets.

As earlier pointed out, the two campaigns will run concurrently for over a month. The first campaign will give 600,000 MST (MappedSwap Tokens) to users who complete two tasks. MappedSwap Tokens are used as staking and farming rewards. 

Once these two tasks are completed, the user will receive 12 MST after twenty-four hours of verification.

The first task relates to social media, where the user is expected to like and share promotion tweets and tag three friends. The second task involves watching a YouTube video of promo and finding a code. The exciting part of Campaign 1 is you can earn it in multiple ways. Users that stake MST earn a 5% reward and earn up to 15% when all tasks in Campaign 2 are completed. Users also earn when the referred trades.

The second campaign is quite different from the first one. Here, the user stands a chance to win from the 200,000 MST prize pool by trading and maintaining their positions on the leaderboard. Based on the team, the top 20 winners will win from the prize pool, with the first winner getting 20% of the total prize money.  

Like the first campaign, the user is requested to complete some tasks – share referral code on Twitter, accumulate trade figures to 1000 USD in value, and trade and maintain Cumulative Profit at $10,000 in value. To obtain the referral code, you need to trade or swap MST since MappedSwap is an invite-only stake and referral online protocol.

Accumulating up to 1000 USD in value rewards you with free 50 MST, which is automatically staked. This is only available for the first 4000 users. For the third task, users that maintained more than $10,000 two weeks after the campaign will receive an additional 500 MST that will be automatically restaked.

Users that don’t want to do task 1 can still earn up to 550 MST and 5 USDM from task 2 and 3 in Campaign 2. 

All users need to maintain a combined value of 0.01 ETH on Ethereum Mainnet across all tasks. This is to prevent Bots from auto farming all the rewards from real users. The combined value is calculated as a total across WBTC, ETH, USDC, and USDT. MappedSwap also provides another earning opportunity for users in referrals. The more referrals, the more rebates you receive. 

MappedSwap will reveal more details about the upcoming campaigns, including eligibility and criteria soon. 

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