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Manoj: A Pioneer in Observability and Software Application Performance Monitoring


Manoj stands out as a highly skilled individual in the rapidly evolving field of software engineering, particularly for his significant contributions to the areas of Software Application Performance Monitoring and Observability. His work path, spanning eight years, combines technical proficiency, innovation, and significant accomplishments.

Career Path: An Account of Influence and Originality

Manoj has played a major role in driving application performance monitoring transformation at Cisco Systems’ AppDynamics in San Francisco. He was a driving force behind the Agent Installer project, which greatly streamlined the monitoring agent management procedure. His ability to design software and analyze data is demonstrated by the infrastructure he built for tracking client uptake and public-facing REST APIs.

His work on the Cloud Collectors demonstrates his ability to design effective, high-performing systems. By connecting these collectors to AppDynamics’ monitoring platforms, Manoj made it possible to access real-time information about cloud resources. His creative use of Terraform in the creation of AWS and Azure infrastructure significantly lowered costs.

In his role at Cisco AppDynamics – FSO, Manoj showcased exceptional leadership abilities by spearheading various initiatives that significantly impacted product development. He established a comprehensive framework for test automation, streamlining the testing process and enhancing product quality. Additionally, Manoj designed efficient CI/CD pipelines, which not only accelerated product delivery schedules but also ensured a seamless integration of new features.

Manoj’s collaborative approach with cross-functional teams demonstrated his aptitude for fostering group achievement. He effectively bridged communication gaps and facilitated cooperation among team members, contributing to the overall success of projects.

During his tenure at iManage LLC in Chicago, Manoj’s expertise in automated testing had a substantial impact. His systematic approach to creating test cases and meticulously evaluating bugs played a pivotal role in the software release process, underscoring his unwavering commitment to efficiency and top-notch quality assurance. Manoj’s contributions consistently elevated the software development and testing practices at both Cisco AppDynamics – FSO and iManage LLC.

Technical Proficiency: The Foundation of Knowledge

Manoj’s professional brilliance is primarily derived from his technical talents. He knows a lot about cloud computing platforms like AWS and Azure and is skilled in programming languages like Java, Python, and Go. His expertise encompasses databases (Postgres, MySQL), operating systems (Windows, Linux), and tools (Git, Bash, and other IDEs).

Goals and Perspective for the Future

Manoj wants to create scalable, distributed systems through design and construction. His objective is to apply his knowledge to further develop his abilities and make a substantial contribution to technical progress. His outstanding problem-solving abilities and proactive approach make him a great fit for these challenging projects.

Foundation for Education

Manoj’s professional development has been greatly aided by his solid educational background, which includes a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from Visveswaraiah Technological University and a Master of Computer Science from the Illinois Institute of Technology. His career was well-founded by the Java, Network Operations, Database Management, Algorithms, and Cloud Computing education he completed.

In conclusion, a model for the technology sector

Beyond only personal accomplishments, Manoj’s journey in the subject of Software Application Performance Monitoring and Observability aims to establish a standard among the tech community. He is positioned as a leader and a visionary in the digital industry, ready to make major contributions going forward, thanks to his unique combination of profound technical expertise, creative problem-solving, and collaborative spirit.

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