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Management Solution to the Limitations of Modern Science: Project VIPIN

In the twelve books scheduled for 2021, under Project VIPIN, Vastly Integrated Processes Inside Nature, Professor Vipin Gupta advocates a management approach to advancing Science.  Four books, What is Divine Energy, What is Present Reality, Is Present Reality, and Is Divine Energy have been published so far this year, with two more What is Consciousness and What is Para Consciousness being released this month.   In an exclusive interview, Dr. Gupta explains the limitations of modern Science and illustrates the benefits of an appropriate approach illuminated by his work.

What is the need for a management approach to advancing Science?

Devotion to the invisible who has never incarnated on the Earth and emotional sentiments for the departed are part of our life experience.  Yet, Science denies the presence of the invisible and the departed.   It dismisses the presence of the invisible and the departed as the ideas of mind, matters of faith, figments of imagination, and fables of superstition.  They are at best worthy of enjoying as one would do watching the Hollywood blockbusters on the paranormal elements, such as the fairies, goblins, ghosts, and unidentifiable flying objects.  Yet, that has not stopped the scientists from seeking to discover, say, God’s particle.  Some are even studying the yogic and meditative secret of the supernormal physical and mental health of those in touch with the reality of the paranormal elements.

The scientists replace the ideas of the lay intellect of the general masses with the theories of unique mind of the special stars they are in modern society.   Since our birth, we are taught to follow a science-based approach for succeeding and living a meaningful life.  We are told Science is objective, and its findings are fact-based.  We are further told that scientific findings are verifiable, quantifiable, and reproducible.   Even during our brief lifetimes, the unprecedented advancements in technology are held as irrefutable evidence of the benefits of Science.   We hold the scientists in high esteem and celebrate them as the heroes who have brought us out from the dark middle ages to the illuminated modern age.

I am a Professor of Management with a doctorate in managerial Science and applied economics.   I like to identify myself as the Professor of sensible management and appropriate Science.   Why?  As an academic, I have learned that there is nothing objective in Science and every theory of mind needs to be managed using our full senses.

Scientists dismiss objectivity as classical determinism.  Even the knowledge base that constitutes classical Science is identified as a theoretical contribution of a scientist, such as Isaac Newton, once seen to have law-like validity, is now known to be invalid.

Scientists consider subjectivity as the essence of modern Science.  All scientific discoveries have varying worth for different persons, relative to the scientist(s) who make that discovery.    Each person derives their independent understanding from each scientific discovery, conditioned by the understanding conceived by the discovering scientist.

What will be an example to illustrate the value that the management approach brings to Science?

Let’s take Einstein’s discovery that E = mc2.   One may understand Einstein’s discovery in the following ways:

  1. E, Energy has a finite value, known to one knowing the amount of mass the universe was created with, assuming the conservation of mass at all times.
  2. E, Energy has an infinite value, dependent on how much mass is being created in the universe, assuming that the mass at the time of the universe’s formation is less than the mass at this time.
  3. E, Energy is not quantifiable because it is not possible to validate the speed of light with precision unless one has the power to travel faster than light and clock the speed of one’s light following the paranormal traveler.
  4. E, Energy is quantifiable, but its value is unknown and practically zero due to the uncertainty factor until one knows the value of m, mass without making any assumption and taking any limiting condition to maintain the integrity and the purity of Science.

If you believe (a) to be valid, your energy value = 1, relative to Einstein.  You know what the star scientists know.

If you believe (b) to be valid, your energy value =2, then relative to Einstein.  You know what the star scientists do not know (the rate of creating the transformative mass: 1, the maximum you can trade by exchanging what the star scientists know with what they don’t know), but also know what the star scientists know (how much was the formative mass: 2, the minimum needed for you to have a 2- unit energy value that has the power to grow the mass of your Consciousness through the social endorsement of what you know).

If you believe (c) to be valid, your energy value = 3, relative to Einstein.  You know that what the star scientists believe to be valid (the finite speed of light) is not valid since it is not evidence-based.  Just because Einstein has mathematically derived a value of the speed of light does not imply that you have to be a blind faithful follower of Science.  You do not take Science as a religion that requires no empirical evidence for propagating the light of a subjective notion to the masses at an infinite speed.  Therefore, you have the power to manifest the objective element, free from the subjective bias that a scientist seeking Einsteinian stardom brings to the table on this discourse.   You also have the power to realize 6-unit growth by multiplying the 2-unit objective element with your 3-unit energy multiplier.

If you believe (d) to be valid,  your energy value = 4, relative to Einstein.  You know that Science is just a sequencing of falsifiable theories that creates a parallel universe of ideas, empowering a scientist to take credit for the supernatural intellectual property as a pathway to paranormal stardom.  You have an option to pursue that paranormal path.  Yet, you have decided to create your unique destiny, discordant from the scientific knowledge but concordant with the scientific approach that shows that the subjectivity-polluted Science has zero value.  Further, since you are self-perpetuating your essential nature gifted by Mother Nature, the energy value of your essential nature is 8.   The eight comprises Mother Nature’s formative growth of two units and your transformative growth of six units.  You radiate half outward for us to know the remainder projected inward as your Consciousness.

Why one needs a sensible management approach instead of scientific management approach?

How will you quantify the energy value of the entity you are using as the metric of the present reality for measuring the relative values of that entity’s faithful believers and devoted followers?  If when we apply the limit illuminated by Einstein, the value of Energy is zero, then isn’t the value of the Consciousness that Einstein used zero?  If we decide to refer to the Consciousness that Einstein used, despite knowing (d) to be valid, then won’t we become a zero-energy subject and give the Consciousness our Energy of four units?  And, if the Consciousness Einstein traded and left have zero value, won’t the energy value of each of the four believers, regardless of their numerical value rank ordering on a scale of relativity, including Einstein who believes in himself, be -5, aggregating each of the five discordant units?

Now, what if, as a management scientist, I provide you a scientific proof of the following, substantiated by several mathematical models?  My first four books show the value of e, Energy is not zero if one does not set a limit, but is zero using a limit approach, conditioned by the value of the mc2, both of which are non-manageable variables constraining one to zero management power.  Will you still use the Einstein constant as the metric of the present reality for evaluating the varying cosmological values of different entities?  Will you recognize that all the four believers are the subjects conceiving the parallel universes of reality using Einstein’s divine Energy immanent within his equation?  None of those subjects have understood the essence of Mother Nature, which is free from the supernatural beliefs about the creation reflecting the universe’s creator’s light for illuminating the presence of the paranormal for guiding us, normal creatures.   The belief contamination becomes self-luminous if one uses a sensible management approach, free from the limitations of the evidence-based scientific management approach, guided by dustball empiricism.

What is the Project VIPIN About?  Why is the Science of this project “appropriate science”?

Mother Nature’s “essence” is the common subject of the Project VIPIN, Vastly Integrated Process Inside Mother Nature.  A self-luminous explanation of Mother Nature’s essence makes each of us become a four-unit creator factor and breed a four-unit consciousness solution.     Therefore, its energy value is sixteen (four x four).  It is immanent within each creature, creation, and creator.

You may ask did our ancestors know about this “maternal essence” and if there is any scientific evidence to substantiate its presence and energy value?  You will be surprised to know that the ancient Indian wisdom refers to the maternal essence as “Maha Durga,” literally what transcends Durga, the perfected element.  The essence of perfection is immanent within the perfected element and all imperfections deriving from the sequential reproduction.   It emanates through the consequential photosynthesis of the copied production for giving it a semblance of originality, endowed with the potential of the essence.   This essence is what the scientists refer to as the “codon” or the “three-base sequence.” It is the sequence of codifying the feminine element for conceiving a creature (start or create the infinite codon), perceiving the creation the creature is (perpetuate or continue the infinite as the finite codon), and experiencing the creator each creature has become (destroy or discontinue the finite to illuminate the absolute codon).  Each creature is seeking to manage the universe as his creation, guided by the masculine element, wishing to gain fame like the Almighty Creator.   In the ancient wisdom of India, the infinite element is known as tamas, the continuous element is known as rajas, and the discontinuous element is known as sattva.  The discontinuous element is valued the most in Indian wisdom, as it is the path to knowing the secret of spontaneous creation: the Siddha, the sentient entity.

The Science that Project VIPIN illuminates is appropriate Science because it offers appropriate explanations of the cause-effect sequences manageable using the management power of our intentionality.  It highlights the consequences of mediating those sequences with one’s Consciousness filled with emotional intensity or moderating them with one’s conscious devotional intensity.

How to get hold of the first four books in Project Vipin?

The first four books What is Divine Energy, What is Present Reality, Is Present Reality, and Is Divine Energy are now available in full and Nutshell editions on Amazon and elsewhere as a paperback, hardcover, digital, and audible forms.

Professor Vipin Gupta is a professor of management and a co-director of the Center for Global Management at the Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration, California State University, San Bernardino. Dr. Gupta has a Ph.D. in managerial Science and applied economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

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