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Manage Your Medical Billing Without Sacrificing Patient Care 

Medical Billing

You have this vision. And to you, it’s crystal clear. 

Create a steel foundation for your small practice so you can serve not only your patients but their families. Your mission is to create a generational healthcare practice that builds a lifelong word-of-mouth referral and yet, also reaches more of the community without you needing to have your hands and brain on every little task. 

You know enough to know that in order to accomplish the kind of community change you want to see in your neighborhood, you have to develop a superior marketing strategy. You also know that you need a competent team to run it so that you can stay centered in your zone of expertise- helping patients. You don’t have the option for administrative tasks to clog up your time, even something as important as medical billing. 

Your focus should be on using your expertise to treat patients and make real change. 

However, that doesn’t mean that your medical billing should fall by the wayside, or that it shouldn’t be given due care. As you already know, dropping the ball on your medical billing, not following up on claims, and avoiding incidents of fraud is too important to be left to anyone who doesn’t have a full and detailed knowledge of the medical billing process. 

But that’s where a lot of practices mess up. 

They try to save money by keeping the medical billing process in-house with their administrative staff. The problem with that is many times that staff is trained in how to handle patients, verify insurance cards, and handle tasks in the office. They are not medical billing experts with the required experience in the nuances and variances that are required when competently processing claims. A vast amount of knowledge is required to protect a small practice from fraud and money leaking through the cracks. 

And make no mistake– money falls right through the cracks of your practice. 

You have to have experts working for you who know exactly how to handle every medical billing scenario (and there’s a lot) before you can grow and stabilize your practice. 

Quality patient care suffers when you divide your time trying to manage, or trying to save money by keeping your medical billing in-house. 

It only feels like you’re saving money, but in reality, you’re leaking money. It’s an illusion brought on by the fear of letting go of a part of your business and letting someone else come in and help you.  

You may not trust anyone but your staff to run the day-to-day operations. You may not even trust your staff to run it. That’s completely understandable. Unfortunately, you also can’t grow and help more people when you’re stuck in that mindset. You can’t grab onto the rope and be pulled up when both hands are occupied clutching the ground. 

Medical billing claims don’t have to be the bane of your existence- it’s about quality of life. 

The most successful practices know that it takes a team to successfully manage the most important parts of their practice. The most successful practices have learned to delegate the tasks whose zone of genius is medical billing. Not only does it mean less mistakes and a lower chance of being audited, but it’s also a drastic quality of life improvement.  

Do you really want to spend your weekends and evenings after work worrying about whether claims are being processed correctly? Do you want to spend your free time– your vacation time– searching for lost claims and trying to verify with staff if a claim was sent? 

 You deserve to have systems in place and people who work to ensure that you can focus only on quality patient care. 

This is about how YOU want to show up in the industry. This is about your idea of how people should be treated when they’re sick. This is about getting you in a position to help them without being tied to the necessary evil of paperwork and in some cases- nonsense of aggravating tasks. Having systems in place to free you up to take care of patients-that’s what’s most important to you. 

You are a protector of small practices and the patients who need you to stand up for them. 

It’s time to get your behind-the-scenes backend in order so you can focus on creating a ripple effect of healing in the community. 

When your practice is financially secure, you create the ability to serve more people. Imagine the kind of peace and security that comes from knowing that your systems are running smoothly and efficiently while at the same time every cent is accounted for and working in your favor to grow your ability to help more patients. 

Small medical practices are the lifeblood of the country and give the public options so they aren’t forced to comply with large healthcare companies who want to control the future of healthcare 

That means you have to work harder than the big guys with bottomless pockets. That means you have to get your systems in order so your impact can be felt by many. That means you have a duty and obligation to run an efficient practice so that your patients get one hundred percent of your time and attention. Not to mention the fact that YOU deserve peace and a calm, quiet assurance that your practice is running strong. 

So how do you partner with a medical billing team and delegate your system to the experts? 

  • Take stress and worry off your shoulders. Know that your medical billing is being handled right the first time. Trust that you can focus on patients and not worry if your records are in good hands. 
  • Pick a practice partner who specializes in your peace of mind- that’s really what you want. Pick someone who understands that your quality of life is dependent on the quality of life you provide for others. 

Understand that you shouldn’t feel like you can’t get help, or that no one can do it as well as you can. Worries about the bottom dropping out; of realizing that you weren’t prepared or that your staff screwed up but you’re responsible because it’s your name on the door. 

So, what’s the next step? 

It’s worth a conversation if you’re ready to partner with a management team that can plug the gushing of money falling through the cracks, or prevent it from leaking in the first place.  

For over a decade, Neolytix has been helping practices of all sizes nationwide to improve their billing processes. Our experts are familiar with best practices and industry know-how on prevent revenue leakage, improve collections and improve your overall revenue. This allows you to spend more time focusing on patient care and even working towards your desired work-life balance. At Neolytix, we pride ourselves that physicians like you come to us constantly. 

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