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Fortune favours the bold. The saying is timeless and in the modern world, fortunes are made by sound investments. However, not everyone with the willingness to back up a rising company or an idea has access to the investment channel. On the other hand, startups and other investment firms have a hard time getting in touch with the right people who will be interested enough to back their ventures.

Capital Raisers

The dual sided issues of the investment gap is bridged by intermediaries. They go by many names, like capital raisers, broker dealers, fundraising consultants and many more. They all do one thing: connect people who want investment with people who are interested in investing.

As intermediaries, these firms are the most responsible for ensuring that the right kind of investor, who has specific interests, expectations, patience and investment power is connected with the right investment opportunity. Other issues that they face and which cause frustration and delays are:

  • Attending events to meet investors and investment opportunities.
  • Spend hours giving presentations and pitching investments.
  • Emailing potential clients.
  • Manually assessing investors and qualifying them.
  • Legal documentation.
  • Answering questions by wary and cautious investors.

All of these issues can take a lot of time and effort, with little to yield in as results.

WealthBlock: Raise Your Capital the Right Way is a blockchain powered whitelable service that helps capital raisers and brokers to set up their digital presence in a matter of minutes. WealthBlock can help lower the frustrations usually witnessed by streamlining the complete investment process online, automating every step possible and giving insights that would otherwise take days and even weeks. The platform uses advance analytical techniques and leverages blockchain technology to give you:

  • Lower Funding Time: By giving investors a digital way to enter their details and have them automatically qualified for different investments, the time taken from investor qualification to the investment is drastically reduced.
  • More Investors: Investors can sign up easily from the comfort of their homes, at the time of their wishing. This eliminates the barrier of an investor not being happy or willing to go to a specific time and place to hear a pitch he might not be interested in.
  • Know Your Customer: Digitally comply with regulations and other legal steps, reducing strain on both your firm and the investor.
  • REALLY Know Your Customer: Advanced AI matching engine gives each investor a personalized experience, along with analytics on his or her interests, what kind of documentation the investor reads, etc. to really know the customer and then interact the right way.
  • Single Sitting Fund Investment: Create stunning offer page, suitability checks, funding process, digital signing of documentation and bank transfers with ease, letting the customer have his dream investment in a single sitting.
  • Upsell: Give your investors more opportunities by connecting with them and offering other chances of making profits, generating interest for the investor and generating revenue for yourself that you might otherwise miss.

To see how you can set up your investment brokerage firm digitally using WealthBlock’s AI and Blockchain powered whitelable platform, check this video presentation.

The WealthBlock Experience

At the heart of WealthBlock is Trilliam Jeong, the founder and CEO. A professional investor and a funding genius. He holds a master’s degree in financial mathematics from the University of Chicago and has another master’s in applied mathematics, this time from Queen’s College, City University of New York.

Using his grasp over numbers and finances, Jeong has been able to help investors make the right choices and grow their wealth. He has his own hedge fund company, Aura Value International LLC, where he was able to turn an initial investment of USD 100,000 into 1 million. Using the same ability to understand figures and quantitative value modeling, he now has merged it with the top two technologies that are changing the face of the financial industry: Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology. This had enabled WealthBlock to on-board new clients, firms that were previously using other large and established platforms such as CrowdEngine, North Capital and others. Their success is clear from the fact that they were able to on-board 10 investment companies in the month of March alone. One of their clients, a specialized investment banking institution, was able to increase their revenue 6 times in the space of a few months, thanks to the efficiency and analysis offered by WealthBlock.

Trilliam Jeong is a firm believer that WealthBlock is the right way and it is evident from a recent article he wrote, where he pointed out the fact that FINRA registered brokerage firms have declined by nearly one third in the last decade and a half, but digital crowdfunding markets have steadily grown since 2014 by 17%.

Check out WealthBlock or connect with the team on LinkedIn and turn your slow brick and mortar brokerage firm into the fast, sleek digital investment firm of the future.

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