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Malta welcomes ANX International into its blockchain and virtual currency ecosystem

ANX is the fastest growing Fintech French Company based in Hong Kong and the largest solution provider in the blockchain space founded on 14th February 2013 as a profit based company. The company is the first to introduce some new technology and solutions to the everyday issues faced by users of blockchain accounts such as the crypto debit card. The ANX team was founded by Ken Lu, Hugh Madden, and Dave Chapman, who runs the company as CEO, CTO, and COO respectively, all of whom are striving hard to develop a better solution in the financial sector through a decentralized system.

ANX – ABS platform

The ANX blockchain service, ABS, a cloud-based platform launched in May 2016 is a free self-service platform that allows users to enjoy three kinds of services. This is an easy creation of digital assets, digital wallets, and multi-currency digital asset exchange based on the blockchain technology. This product helps users to assemble their own blockchain products such as digital loyalty points on a secured ecosystem where consumers can buy, sell or trade their products easily and openly. Other applications are easy payment solution; bring people together through social networking and establishing a secure financial system for business owners.

Services provided by ANX

Services provided by ANX Fintech are a secure digital transaction ledger, DTL, which consumers can make use of to store and record every transaction that takes place on your network without the need for a third – party system. Its blockchain – based ecosystem ensures that all transactions are unquestionable, trusted, honest, and opened transactions based solutions that cater to different business needs for small, medium or large scale businesses. Other services include the:

ANX academy- providing educational services through blockchain technology

ANX recruitment – providing specialist recruitment system where only the best are selected with prejudice

ANX advisory – providing an in-depth strategic solution to businesses that cover all areas such as finance, marketing, legal affair and technology with a specialist to guide you on your end to end token sale among others.

ANX Partnership with Malta

Recently the little island of Malta decided to embrace the blockchain technology as the first country to use the digital transaction ledger DTL, a cryptocurrency based wallet to provide better business services and boost the country’s economy by providing blockchain solutions to strengthen the vibrant upcoming cryptocurrency community of the island and creating a trusted transaction platform by partnering with ICO specialist TokenKey, a token research blockchain consultancy strategy company to support Malta’s government plan to build the first fully integrated market for ICOs, virtual currencies, and DLT.

Malta is on track to be a world leader in creating a holistic, well-regulated virtual currencies market and setting global standards for harnessing blockchain’s technological revolution. “- ANX Management

ANX is partnering with the Malta government since they are the first to introduce the DLT system to create a strong financial foundation for Malta’s industry by integrating the Digital ledger transaction system for a trusted business community. The decentralized ventures with ANX digital ledger transaction system are to encourage businesses to take full control of blockchain technology and establish a stable decentralized financial market in the area.

Malta is incorporating crypto technology to foster an innovative and successful ecosystem by utilizing cutting-edge technology for business and to show the international community that Malta is dedicated to protecting its reputation and stop corrupt practices such as money laundering.

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