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Making Marketing Videos: Five Tips For Success

One of the most important figures for your bottom line is the ROI on customer acquisition. The lower your customer acquisition cost (CAC), the better it spells for your overall profits. The recent trend has indicated that consumers do not trust businesses as much and as a result, the customer acquisition cost has gone up by 50%.

However, this doesn’t mean that the companies should give up trying to get new customers. On the contrary, statistics reveal that the majority of marketers believe that the most important part of marketing is getting new customers, even if it means that the cost of customer acquisition is seven times more.

With as many as 40% of marketers reporting that getting a response from prospective customers is getting harder, the old school phone calls, print advertising, and cold calling are no longer as effective, 29% of the marketers have reported that phone calls were the worst performers.  So, maybe it is time to find more effective ways to manage CACs and its ROI.

Statistics show that using a video on landing pages can enhance conversion by 86% so maybe it is time you start using videos to supercharge your customer acquisition. This article will show you how to create a video marketing strategy that will improve your customer acquisition rate and thus improve your bottom line.

Video marketing can feel uncomfortable and unfamiliar to those who may be camera shy.

But the truth is, there’s no marketing without videos, at least in the majority of niches.

Videos are everywhere: In social media feeds, all around Google’s search result pages and all over digital news outlets.

Master these few tricks and video marketing becomes easy and fun.

1. Add A Little Spark And Flair

Nothing is more boring than watching someone sit in a chair and speak in a monotone voice on YouTube.

Engage the audience by using a bit of creativity.

  • Create a colorful background.
  • Add music or sound effects if appropriate.
  • Make sure that the camera moves in and out of frame to keep the viewer’s attention. Shoot the video in a busy location or consider filming outside.
  • A bit of action, where appropriate, adds vibrancy to video marketing.
  • Use conversational forms to get feedback from your audience and identify what needs to be tweaked or fixed.

Creatopy ad maker is a great way to create video and video ads that stand out. You can use and edit any of templates to adjust it to your message and brand. You can use the tool to create professional videos with all kinds of visual effects:

2. Deliver Consistently

Consistency builds volume and volume builds audiences. Take time every day or week to work on marketing efforts. Posting weekly keeps the audience engaged and interested. Viewers frequently watch related videos, so give them plenty of material. Producing a series of videos may take time, but the rewards can be great.

Build a following by encouraging frequent return views. Encourage viewers by alluding to the posting of more presentations. Create anticipation, otherwise known as a “cliffhanger”.

Many people sign up for notifications and spend more time viewing an interesting video series. Word of mouth is a powerful concept, so encourage viewers to share and to like the series.

Make sure your video has your branding, including domain name, logo and color palette.

It is a good idea to use videos on your site for more consistent branding, however videos can  slow down your site. To avoid that, use the Fix My Site Speed tool and follow their recommendations.

3. Never Underestimate The Power Of A Good Tutorial

Most marketers find a great deal of success by creating tutorials and how to’s. Users appreciate being able to view a process and get step-by-step instructions. Tutorials are demonstrations of how a product or a service works and are among the easiest marketing strategies to implement.

Choose specific keywords that describe the topic and create interest. Search engines are very friendly to tutorials, so a well-written title can yield a good page rank. The higher the page rank, the more views. SE Ranking keyword suggestion tool will provide you with lots of ideas:

Additionally, use email marketing automation to notify your current subscribers of your videos and get their help promoting your content.

4. Stay On Topic By Adding Relevant Content

There is nothing more frustrating than watching a video that does not fulfill what the title promised. Keep the content on point and the fluff to a minimum. Specific details are helpful and useful, but do not go overboard.

There is no reason to say something in 25 words when you can deliver the same message in 10. People lose interest very quickly and may wonder about other videos if bored or confused. Remember that the search engines catalog according to relevancy, so keep the message clear, concise, and to the point.

5. Success Stories Are Motivational

People like testimonials and customer reviews, so offer a few in the video. When selling a product, offer pictures. If the presentation is about weight loss, offer a minute of before and after shots. Show the viewers a visual graphic of how the product or service will be of assistance to them.

Let the viewers know how the product can benefit them by showing how others are satisfied. Never miss the chance to proclaim the benefit of using the product or service. Use a call to action at the end of the video to motivate the audience to order. Passion sells, so be passionate about the product and the video marketing efforts will pay off.

Customers are the pillars over which businesses are built and expanded. If you do not have customers, you cannot have a business as they are the ones who provide the money to meet all the expenses of the company and its employees. It is your customer base that determines how attractive your business is to any investor.

A business needs to continuously acquire new customers to improve its profits and enhance its growth. Good financial health and profit margins also keep your investors happy and interested.

This exercise of attracting more customers is called customer acquisition and it is directly related to your marketing strategy. It involves attracting and persuading customers to buy your services or products. The money spent on acquiring a customer is the customer acquisition cost and is an important factor in determining the health and well-being of your enterprise.


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