Making a Difference for Success: Charlotte Graham’s Performance Within Network Marketing

In an environment as wide as the digital one, finding ways to start your business path and make a difference is more challenging every day. However, it is possible, thanks to the willingness, ability, and effort that each person decides to put in to achieve their goals. An example of this is the career of Charlotte Graham, a young entrepreneur who throughout her career has managed to stand out and set an impressive benchmark.

Charlotte is a professional in network marketing. For the last three years, she has dedicated her life to this industry, obtaining great growth. Her method of working tirelessly has allowed her to obtain favorable results and enjoy the lifestyle she has always dreamed of.

Although for a long time she worked as an industrial engineer. Charlotte always dreamed of leading a less strenuous life. When she learned about this industry she was attracted to it and although she did not have enough experience, she did not limit herself in capacity and skills. She dedicated her full potential for learning and growing.

With only a few months in the network marketing environment, she reached the rank of Chairman 10. With more experience and determined to go even further, she continued to work hard, today she holds the rank of Chairman 50, a prestige level that only reaches a percentage in such a short time.

Focus Your Skills on Success

For Charlotte, gaining knowledge, learning, and experience was elementary at the time of initiation. Now more, because it is not only about her work, but about motivating and being an example for the great team she has formed, where more than 3,000 people receive inspiration and example of growth and dedication from her.

From day one her mind was focused on strengthening skills and generating experiences that will help her grow much more progressively. To obtain achievements, it impelled her to want to continue by much more, because the more she arrives, the more is her confidence that she can achieve great things if she proposes it.

Change Represents Progress

For this young woman, the changes in her life have not represented a failure or a weakness. On the contrary, she sees each stage of change as progress toward her goals. Seeing change as a positive part of her journey has allowed her to adjust to each phase, even to difficult times.

Making a change when it is necessary to obtain the results you expect is synonymous with commitment and focus. Clinging to continue at the same point for fear of change will only delay the path to where you want to go.

For Charlotte, versatility is an innate quality. When it comes to making decisions, she does not fear change if it is required to move forward. She is focused on her goals and the changes needed to achieve them.

Believe That It Is For You

Believing that you deserve things, working to achieve, and getting results are things that only the brave do in Charlotte’s opinion. For this young woman, daring to leave a scheme to find a different path and undertake even without experience, but with the confidence that is for you represents a big step.

“Success rewards the brave, people who break with the status quo and go for what they want, they don’t settle”. That’s largely where the secret of your success lies. Working for the things she aspires to and not resting until she sees the results she claims are for herself.

Breaking social paradigms and even her family standards were one of the challenges she has struggled to overcome. However, she assures that daring to take this step for her results is a great satisfaction.

“I received trips, to be able to help those I love the most, to live with freedom, but above all, to demonstrate to all of society that it is possible to live as you like, not as you have to. Become the protagonist of your movie, don’t be a follower anymore”.

 Today, Charlotte is working even harder to continue climbing within the industry. She has traveled around the world as a speaker and has achieved over 5 million in sales. Achievements that have led her to make a significant difference.  

Kevin Leyes: Kevin Leyes is the Chairman of Leyes Enterprises and the Founder and CEO of Leyes Media, an social media marketing and public relations agency, and Team Leyes, an urban jewelry company. He is an Official Member of the Forbes Business Council and Young Entrepreneur Council.
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