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Make Your Bathroom Look Luxurious With Simple Upgrades 


When it comes to home decoration, the bathroom is overlooked, for people consider it an area for utility and purpose rather than style. A complete renovation isn’t required to make your place feel luxurious. If marble tiling, a huge tub, and a rain shower aren’t in the budget, there are still plenty of other options to give your bathroom a premium look without spending a lot of money. At Victoria Plum, you will find tons of bathroom accessories to suit your style.

A few easy yet worthy tips to make your bathroom look expensive:

A Clean Bath Rug

A soiled or faded bath rug is a sure means of making your bathroom appear messy. It is a fundamental recommendation that you should change the rug as soon as possible. However, in the most affluent bathrooms, Turkish and Persian carpets replace plain old carpets. 

The woven wool rugs are comfortable and make an excellent bathmat replacement. Yet, with gorgeous colors and patterns that only become better with age, they can give your bathroom some character and refinement.

Upgrading Shower Curtains

This update is relatively inexpensive and can make a significant change in your bathroom area. There are plenty of stylish options that are available at a very low price, so there’s no excuse not to replace your shower curtain.

Also, if you’re ready to spend a little extra, upgrade your shower curtain hooks to something unique.

Hang A Stylish Mirror

It’s unfortunate how many of us stick to boring and basic mirrors when you can upgrade your bathroom to something much more by picking a mirror with a little flair. Also, you can bring out your creativity and make the mirror practical for storing items instead of relying on the typical bathroom cabinet. If you have a budget, look for inexpensive mirrors at thrift shops or make one yourself.

Add Greenery

Adding some greenery to a location, even a bathroom, is an easy way to infuse new life into it. Put them on your vanities or shelf, display them on the wall, or use them to occupy a room’s corners. If your washroom has little to no natural sunlight, fake monstera foliage or palm leaves are a good option.

Use of White and Neutral Colors

You can achieve a modest and stylish bathroom by adding white cabinetry and worktops. To accomplish a hotel-like design, use a neutral paint tone and white bath linens. If you choose high-quality white towels and mats, a simple bathroom can appear quite expensive. To pull it all together, combine your white linens with neutral decorations.

Using Monochromatic Theme

The most expensive bathrooms commonly follow a spa design. Due to their calming effects, simple colors and textures are ideal for spa-like bathrooms. A basic monochrome color palette can help you get that vibe. 

For your monochromatic theme, you do not have to use a neutral shade. A calming blue or aqua paint in various tints can also be soothing enough.

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