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How to Make Your ICO News go Viral with Google News

Initial coin offerings, or ICOs, are becoming increasingly popular. This is very evident in the number of ICO News trending online everyday. According to new data from Autonomous NEXT, ICO market has surged over $4 billion.  Since ICOs are giving start-ups in cryptocurrency and blockchain space access to crowdfunded capital, this industry will not slow down anytime soon.

The heart of your ICO success lies in its marketing. Without marketing, you may have the best cryptocurrency ICO, but none of your potential investors would know about it. Fortunately, you can make your ICO go viral with Google News.

Google News is a free news aggregator operated and provided by Google, selecting news from thousands of news website.  It is one of the most popular news websites and aims to organize the entire world’s news.  According to a recent study by eBizMBA Rank, Google News receives about 150,000,000 unique monthly visitors.

More people from all over the world will see your news.

Founded in 2002, Google News not only aggregates news but also is a source of traffic to news sites. Google claims its Google Search and News service together drive over 10 billion clicks a month to websites across 71 countries.

In 2014, a study conducted by , a digital analytics company, showed that Google sends 35 percent of publishers’ referral traffic. Those numbers were supported by data from Define Media, an SEO consulting company, which said that traffic from Google News still makes up 10 to 25 percent of publishers overall traffic. Over the course of 2017, Google has become publishers’ main source of external page views, according to new data from

Also, according to Similarweb analytics, received over 471 million monthly page views in 2017.

Facebook provided almost 40 percent of publishers’ external traffic. However, now that’s down to 26 per cent. On the other hand, Google, which started the year at 34%, now generates 44% of traffic.’s figures come from some 2,500 online publishers that use its analytics service, including the Time Inc., Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post and Mashable.

Your News Appears on Curators Websites and Shared on Social Media .

Publishing your news and articles on Google news partner websites will increase your chances of appearing on other websites through content curation and RSS feeds.

Google News is a resource for staying informed on breaking news stories and interesting stories and many people trust and love Google.  Because of this, many news websites and blogs curate news from Google news.  Also journalists and readers subscribe to Google News alerts to keep them updated.

So, when you publish your article on a Google news partner website,  your content does not only appear on that website, but you have a very high probability of appearing on many other curator  websites and often times getting  more traffic than the one you will get from the original website where your post was published. Remember, these curator websites have social media pages where they also share these posts. This creates more organic links for your website if your company or ICO website is mentioned in the article.

In addition, it makes it easier for your news to be found by journalists and writers who could make references and comments on your news in their daily reports also mentioning your ICO. Also by readers who would be willing to share your news on social media if they find it interesting.

With Google news publishing, you have an unlimited network and possibilities of content sharing and distrubution.

Long Term SEO Benefits through Organic Link building.

With the number of ICO News and new blockchain startups introduced daily, the competition in the search engines is becoming tougher each day. If you want to have a successful ICO, your potential investors need to be able to find you easily online. Even after the ICO, having your business on the first page of the search engines will keep driving more website visitors and potential customers to you. This is where organic link building is needed. Organic link building is a very important aspect of SEO marketing. All organic links are votes for your site.  People who do not employ organic link building strategies in their marketing structure miss out on potential business. Using organic building strategies help you to create high quality SEO marketing campaigns that help a business to thrive. By publishing news and articles about your business regularly on Google News partner websites, you will get quality organic backlinks from all the websites where your post will appear.

TechBullion is a Google News Partner website, we will keep your news in the eyes of the public, while you focus on making money. We will publish your news and articles daily, weekly, monthly or annually. Contact us now to find out how we can help you

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