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Maji Air Drone Reviews – Is This Drone any good

Maji Air Drone

Unfortunately, many people had no idea that the Maji air drone existed despite being one of the best drones currently on sale, though some curious people spotted it on time. 

Sincerely speaking, drones are the most trending gadgets. With many brands already on sale, making choices is very hard, even experts find it difficult. With this in mind we decided to give a rundown of everything we know about Maji air drones so that interested people can easily make decisions.

Maji air drone is a foldable quadcopter currently available online on the official website. Currently selling at around $90, the Maji air drone promises to follow you anyway your adventure takes you.

What is a Maji air drone? Is Maji Drone any good? What are Its range, specification, and features? Keep reading maji drone reviews to discover everything worth knowing about this camera drone sold today.

After protracted research, we believe that the Maji drone is a strong option this time. Currently it is the most talked about drone, the most reviewed, and the most popular. Sure, a lot has been said, most reviews even said what the manufacturer never thought of before. Keep in touch with us, see our honest opinion, buy if you are completely thrilled otherwise, try other brands.

How did we get information? Yes we read a lot of Maji air drone Reviews and we also work directly with the manufacturer. As a team we also have experts . The Maji air drone is the latest review we have. We tried as Much as we could to get all the necessary information. 

See what the manufacturer have to said about it.


Shooting from some angles, and some heights have been a challenge over the years. Photographers and enthusiasts have been looking for a solution, and thousands of dollars have been spent in the process without much results. At some point, helicopters and camera crews are the only possible solution which appears expensive for most people.

Generally, photography is a skill and an art. For better results, appropriate tools are needed. Some smarter people have already figured out some techniques that work. What about you? Are you still looking for a solution? If yes, I’m happy to tell you that there are solutions. 

Well, drones have been redesigned lately. Initially, they were costly and only used for military and for some special purposes. Hopefully, you will agree with me that technology has changed a lot of things including the way we view nature, think, and buy stuff we need, making a lot of things look simpler and possible.

They are best used for outdoor activities, but not limited to that. With improvements in technology, a lot of smart features have been added and the control is becoming simpler. The cost instead of going up is the opposite as a lot of things are now readily available.

The Maji air drone has recently hit the market and they are becoming common

In every photography kit. Due to its ease of control, it is best for newbies and seasoned professionals. Thousands have been sold in Canada and the US and the number keeps counting.

Don’t worry, we will not hide any of its shortcomings. We try as much as possible to get the right information. There is an element of hype here so we want to show you the right information. Indeed, the Maji air drone is one of the best drones so far but what if it is not that great? You waste $99 or more, right!!

Sure, There is a high chance that we will receive a little commission if you buy from this post but we advised all our readers to see the details first before making any purchase. We are more interested in anything that we save our readers money. Don’t just buy, see what it can do and what it can’t.

So don’t leave this page, this review (Maji drone) presents another complete kit you must consider. Please Join us in this comprehensive review today.

What is Maji air Drone 

Maji air drone is a compact, lightweight, non-military, and wifi-enabled selfie drone. It has advanced features and sensors and can be used in aerial monitoring, surveillance purposes, video capturing, video editing, shooting, and other similar functions.

From verified reviewers, the Maji air drone captured images from impossible angles and at extremely high altitudes. It is also able to take pictures and images in high definition with a lot of intelligence that will enhance your maji air drone shooting experience.

Like similar drones sold online, it is extremely lightweight. It is designed with composite materials, and it is becoming popular with professional aerial cinematographers, filmmaking, and security functions. It is so compact that it can be used indoors ( it can fly through doorways and walkways).

With improved battery technology, maji drones can record video for up to 25 minutes on a single charge. The battery lasts longer than comparable drones, it can be fast charged, and it can withstand deep discharge.

Many users have been using it to capture events. Experts claimed that it is the fastest drone of its size. It might look like an exaggeration, but the manufacturer also claimed that it can speed up to 19 meters per second which looks like the fastest speed under this budget.

It has in-built sensors, Gps, and other features usually seen in high-end drones. It is completely easy to control when compared to other drones. It is carefully designed by experts to satisfy both newbies and professional photographers. 

It earns users the opportunity to record their epic adventure at the lowest price ever.

The Maji drone is exclusively sold online at the official website at $99 with reduced shipping charges. The manufacturer also claimed that they will offer more discounts to all our readers.

For a total beginner, this drone seems to be the best deal. It can be used while it is raining though care must be taken, it has Altitude holds, and it is the best seller in the US and Canada. Many users have used it and their reviews are encouraging.

Maji air drones are the cheapest method of getting an eye in the sky. It offers more control over position and framing which makes it perfect for aerial capturing. It is fast becoming the best-selling quadcopter in the market now.

Sure, Maji air drones might not compete favorably with some expensive models. The truth remains that it is one of the best low-cost drones available. If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a drone this time, then you should try the maji air drone. It has almost all the features you can see in some popular models. The camera is far better than what you have in mind, try it and see what we are talking about!!

To get Maji air drones in Canada and the US follow us in this review (The Maji Air Drone) because we have links to the official product sales Page and the manufacturer also promised to offer more discounts to all our readers today. 

What Makes Maji Drone Special

It Shoot Like A Pro: Maji Air Drone comes with two built-in cameras. Through Wifi and the Maji App that allows real-time transmission, even the least technical newbie can have professional quality footage at the click of a button.

High Quality Design: Maji Air Drone is built with High quality plastics and electronics. And with features only found on expensive models, there is no comparable product when it comes to value for money. Maji air drone has no competition, it is the number one as of the moment.

Easy Intuitive Controls:

Advanced features like 360° roll, one button auto-return, and one key take-off and landing make flying fun and easy. 

Features (Maji Air Drone Reviews)

While doing research we discovered the following features:

Compact Design: The Maji air drone is one of the smallest selfie drones to be produced. You can comfortably put it in your backpack without taking up much of your personal space. It is the best option for people who are always on the go.

Foldable Propellers: Just like other drones sold today, Maji drone features propellers that can be folded, making it more convenient to carry around and store.

High Altitude: All Maji air drone reviews we have read keep saying that it can go as high as 3000ft. The good news is that the manufacturer had confirmed it and some verified buyers also testified it. With this in mind, you can capture just everything in the scene. Indeed, it offers a bird-eye view.

Panoramic Mode: With this idea, Maji air drones can capture images at wider angles. Usually, this is a special feature reserved for some expensive brand. Luckily, we have it here. Maji air drones are just what you need. Try it, it will soon become your favorite. I’m sure you will love it more than you thought. Many people are now believers. You mustn’t spend thousands always.

HD Camera: Unlike what is obtainable in most low-cost drones, Maji drones feature a quality camera. It has a 4k ultra high definition camera that makes it possible to take images at a quality you never thought. Truly it is not the best but at 99 dollars, it looks like the best deal this time.

Sensors: Sensors make control look simpler. It makes the communication so fast. What are we talking about? Maji air drone features the best sensor possible. Think of gravity sensor, GPS, obstacle detection, all are in this minibeast called the Maji air drone.

Slow-mo mode: With this feature, you can track every event without missing any details. Truly, this is a game changer, it gives users the chance to capture impressive footage of moving objects. Slow-mo mode is another huge problem solved by the Maji air drone engineering.

360-degree rotation: Sure this is a very common feature. I’m happy to tell you that Maji air drone also has it.

LED Night Light: With this, users can easily fly the drone at night. It helps users to see at glance the current position of the drone. Don’t worry, your drone won’t go missing.

Rechargeable Battery: Similar to other unmanned aircraft, Maji Air Drone uses quality LiPo battery as energy source.

Brushless DC Motor: This is used to power the rotor to get the lifting force.


Flight controller

Computer Processor unit

Software-based interface

Electronic speed control





Collision avoidance sensor

Ultrasonic sensor






Dual camera: Front and bottom 

Maji Air Drone Design 

According to the manufacturer, the Maji air drone was designed with low weight and rigid materials. It is encased in a quality plastic that can withstand harsh weather conditions. It is powered by LiPo battery and made up of four independent rotors. 

Like other unmanned Aerial vehicles, the Maji air drone can be controlled remotely with its base transmitter in conjunction with a global positioning system (GPS Module)

Science Behind Maji Air Drone 

Like other quadcopters, the Maji air drone uses Four rotors to get the lifting force. These rotors are arranged in quadruple. Battery is used as an energy source which powers the rotor which in turn generates a lifting force. These rotors work together to keep the drone in motion. To take pictures or videos, it uses a 4k camera.

As the propeller rotates, they create different pressure zones ( low and high pressure). Air moves from lower zone to higher zone and this keeps the drone on flight. With this it is capable of moving backwards, forward, up or down depending on the propeller speed.

Inside the Maji air drone

Brushless DC motor: This is the most vital part. It converts electrical energy from the battery into mechanical energy to power the propellers.

Stator: This houses the winding that generates the needed torque.

Air Gap: Small distance between the rotor and stator.

Motor bell: this causes the propeller to go either clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Bearing: this is used to reduce friction for smooth movement.

Why is the Maji Air Drone Recommended?

No doubt, Maji air drone has received a lot of plaudits from many review sites. Many people keep recommending it despite the fact that there are tons of drones in the market, some are even under $80 yet the maji drone is preferred by many.

Wondry why it is gaining such ground, here are some of the reasons we observed during the cause of this review (Maji air drone)

Outstanding design: Seeing the Maji drone for the first time, you might wonder why it is selling for just 99 dollars. Yes, it is the work of passionate engineers and Experts who have been in the drone industry for years. 

Affordable: Considering the benefits, Maji air drone is far greater than 200 dollars, talk more of $100 yet the company keeps it at $99 per a unit. 

East to control: Drone technology has changed a lot of things recently. Few years back, drones were for special people, people must undergo a series of training before they could pilot one but here comes a brand that anyone can control. To make things more simpler, the manufacturer also shipped it with an easy to understand user manual, written in correct English language. Anyone, no matter your ability, can fly it from the very first time their order arrives.

Fast Speed: Maybe not the fastest but at 19 meters per seconds, it is one of the drones to beat. Don’t doubt it, the Maji drone is one of the fastest drones under this budget. 

More Backup time: Battery is the greatest challenge so far in the drone industry. It is extremely difficult to see brands with 20 minutes autonomy yet Maji air drones can stay much longer, up to 40 minutes. 

Longer Range: Yes, you are right, it is not the best here but it can go as high as 80 metres. It weighs much better than most drones. Most are limited to 50 metres. We aren’t hyping anything here, we have enough consumer reports from Canada and the US.

Its Smarter Features: As of today, a lot has been added to drone design and Maji air drone is no exception. It has all unique features reserved for expensive and special purpose drones. Features like follow me mode, return to home, video editing, low battery return, and emergency return are found in this model. 

Rugged and Toughness: Designed for outdoor purposes, Maji drone can withstand rough handling though it might crash when it hits a heavy obstacle.

Maji Air Drone Specifications

✓ Gyro: 6 axis

✓ Frequency: 2.4GHz

✓ Range: 80 to 100m

✓ FPV Range: Approximately 30m

✓ Drone battery: 1 x 3.7V 500mAh LiPo battery

✓ The angle of view: 360 degrees 720P

✓ Camera: 4K HD

✓ Remote control battery: 3 x 1.5AA battery ( not included)

✓ One key take-off and landing

✓ Camera: 1080 p HD front camera and 720 p bottom camera

✓ Flying time: 20 minutes.

✓ Dimensions: 16.5 x 5 x 7 cm when folded.

✓ Diameter of propeller: 14.5 cm

✓ Net weight: 0.32kg

How To Set Up The Maji Air Drone

Here are the necessary steps required to make a successful flight with your Drone. It is approximately easy to fix, just do the following:

  • Unfold it, use the included screw to tighten the propeller.
  • Charge and insert the battery.
  • Set up the base transmitter/controller
  • On the drone and allow it to boot.
  •  Connect to wifi

Who Needs The Maji Air Drone?

The Maji Air drone is designed for everyone looking for a cheaper way of viewing nature. It is the best deal for inexperienced drone pilots and newbies due to simple design and control. It is a must have for anyone who wants to take pictures of himself without spending much money. 

In a nutshell, students, professionals, and enthusiasts need this, it is becoming so common nowadays that almost all homeowners own at least one. The company also made it possible for many people to acquire it unlike before. Try it, it is made for you and me. I love it more.

Maji Air Drone Applications

✓ Drone Based Photography

✓ Surveillance

✓ Videography 

✓ Traffic monitoring

Advantages Of The Maji Air Drone (Maji Air Drone Reviews) 

App control: In conjunction with the transmitter, Maji air drone can be controlled using mobile apps which are available in your app store.

No hassle return: Buyers are given the privilege to return their order within 30 days of purchase.

Effortless control: With click of a button, users can launch it, take pictures, and record videos.

Video editing: With Maji drones even Low quality images can look like pros. It helps inexperienced users to shoot like seasoned professionals.

Available at discounted price: Currently, all orders are selling at 50% discount. Though it is applicable if you buy from the official website.

Trajectory Flight: Maji Air Drone is traceable, reducing the risk of loss and possible collision.

Disadvantages Of The Maji Air Drone

Despite having a lot of pros, there are some notable downsides observed and we will be sharing it with you shortly. We believe that this will help you make informed decisions regarding purchase.

Here are some of its shortcomings:

Short Flight Time: Maji air drones can not last for hours on a single charge. When used for continuous capturing it barely lasts up to 60 minutes. However, users confirmed that it lasts longer when it is flying for fun.

Limited Range: Unlike some high-end drones that can go further into the sky, Maji drone is limited. It can go up to 100 meters. Though it is enough, in some applications it is not accepted.

It can be hacked: Yes, because it runs program instructions using the internet. Hackers can attack it without your knowledge and control the drone, possibly, snatch it from the original owner.

Weather Dependency: Like other drones, the Maji drone works perfectly well in sunny weather. It is not a good option to capture events during rain. Also, the Lithium batteries used to power it are sensitive to moisture.

Again, heavy clouds and fog reduce visibility and the tiny water droplets have the potential to falter the battery.

Additional shipping charges: Users are forced to pay extra charges for shipping. The company promised to offer free shipping but recent consumer reports claimed that they don’t have such offer again.

Available only online: As of today, we haven’t seen it in retail shops.

The stock is Limited as well and we don’t know when it will come on sale again if it is finished.

Also users are forced to buy batteries for the transmitter and we don’t know if you can buy from their sales Page.

Maji Air Drone Prices

Maji Air Drone

For one Maji air drone

Included package:

  • 1x Maji Air Drone
  • 1x Drone Transmitter or Controller
  • 1x Rechargeable Drone Battery
  • 1x Charging Cable
  • 1x English User Manual

Listed Price: $153.00

Discounted price $99.99✓

Shipping charges and handling: $7.85 plus 30 days money back guarantee.

For two Maji Air Drone

Included package:

  • 2x Maji Air Drone
  • 2x Transmitter or drone controller
  • 2x Rechargeable Drone batteries
  • 2x Charging Cable
  • 2x English User Manual

Listed Price: $276

Discounted price: $197✓

Free shipping with 30 days money back guarantee

For three Maji Air Drone

Included package:

  • 4x Maji Air Drone ( that is, one is for free)
  • 4x Transmitter or Controller
  • 4x Rechargeable Batteries
  • 4x charging cable
  • 4x English User Manual

Listed Price: $418

Offer price: $297✓

Free shipping Plus 30 days money-back guarantee.

Additional offers – Maji Air Drone Reviews 

1:Dual 4k High Resolution Camera:

Listed Price: $55.90

Offer price $7.5/each

2: External Propeller blades:

It is useful if the one on the drone fails.

Listed Price: $29.90

Offer price: $14.99

3: Extra blade gear set:

Listed price: $29.90

Discounted price: $9.99

4: Drone protection travel case: A must- have for people who always stay outdoors. It is rugged, durable, shock resistant, and dust proof.

Listed Price: $59.9

Offer price: $29.99

5: External Rechargeable Drone batteries for backup:

Listed Price: $25.99

Discounted price: $14.99/each.

6: Three year warranty at $29.99

7: Solar power bank for quick charge at $19.98/each

8: 10-in-1 Survival kit at $19.88. A must have for each drone.

Maji Air Drone Shipping charges

The manufacturer only charges when buying only one. From what we know, it is at Around $8 per transaction. All orders are shipped freely as of the moment.

Maji Air Drone Refund Policy

Any order placed today is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, your refund will not be processed if you have used it, changed its package, or removed any part. 

Refunds are processed only for unused drones and it must be returned at the return facility address provided by our customer. Note that shipping charges are non-refundable.

Maji Air Drone Battery

Maji Air Drone uses Lithium polymer battery (LiPo) which has more than 1000 charge and discharge cycles. Its capacity is 1000mAh and it has a voltage rating of 3.7VDC. It can charge fast and rarely catch fire.

Where To Buy Maji Air Drone

At the official website. Don’t worry, we have enough customer care services and several payment methods for you. Thousands have already sold out and buyers were extremely satisfied. 

Shipping and Delivery

Your order is shipped within 5 days though it varies. There’s no lazy or sloppy things in their packaging like most stuff sold today. 

Package Content

Here is what is contained in the box. If anyone got missing please contact them immediately for replacement:

✓ Maji Air Drone.

✓ Battery for the drone.

✓ Base Controller.

✓ Additional 4 blades as spare blades.

✓ USB cable to charge the battery.

✓ screwdriver.

✓ User Manual.

This is for a single drone. You can order up to four in one round.

General opinion

Like most products we reviewed, Maji air drone is still a consumer product that can fail anytime so don’t be surprised to see it stop working one day. It is your duty to take maximum care of it, use it where necessary and keep it safe when not in use. If possible, store it back in the box.

While it has many applications, there are some things it can’t do. For instance, Maji air Drone can’t be used for scientific research, product delivery, continuous security monitoring, and Special agricultural functions.

Maji air drone vs other selfie quadcopters

Drone industry has seen a lot of competition. Listing the number of brands might look simple but I know it is very hard. How can you compare Maji air drones with others?

Sure, most drones are at 4k resolutions, use similar batteries, come with similar features but the Maji air drone is gaining popularity for a reason.

Firstly, the battery lasts longer than most brands, it goes further, and it uses quality lenses with Dual camera. Most drones use plastic lenses which degrade the image quality.

In Terms of price, most are selling at $99. Beware of any drone under $70. Remember that you will get what you paid for.

Safety Precautions And Best Maji Drone Practices

  • Firstly do not fly in night
  • Don’t fly in restricted areas, you can use no fly app to check eligible areas
  • Fly in open areas, avoid obstacles
  • Do not fly if you aren’t at home with the transmitter
  • Always fully charge the battery before any flight session
  • Do not fly it during raining or cloudy weather unless you must do it.
  • Look for experts if you are a total beginner
  • Do not fly above human unnecessarily

Maji Air Drone Website

Mymajiairdrone-com is the only website we know and it is the only place you can get this drone at the cheapest price. The website also offers other supplementary devices that enhance your Maji air drone shooting experience.

Maji air drone manufacturer 

Maji air drone is manufactured by an American based company who have been in the industry for many years and have engineered the best selling drones so far. 

Maji air drone contact information 

Customer Support: (888) 958-4484, Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm EST


Return Address:

Maji Drone Returns

509 Devon Place

Lake Mary, FL 32801

Business Address:

Renewing Rain LLC

490 Lake Of The Woods Drive

Venice, FL 34293


What is the maximum Range?

It is between 80 to 100m. Some reviews claimed that it can go as high as 150m. The truth is that we haven’t seen it going to such a height.

Does it have a first person field of view?

Yes, the Maji air drone has everything you need from a quality quadcopter.

How long does it take to fully charge the battery?

It takes roughly 60 mins or 70 mins depending on the charging source.

Can it be controlled using a mobile app?

Yes, with the Maji app you can use your phone to keep track of your drone during flight. It is entirely free, just search it in your app store, download and follow the instructions on the manual to set it up. 

What Customers Are Saying About Maji Air Drone Reviews 

“This drone makes capturing a moment so easy and all of the pre-programmed modes are so much fun! It’s so exciting to see footage of yourself which looks like it has been lifted straight from an action film, and it takes literally seconds to film.” by Mike Prospero, A Verified Customer and experts

View more testimonies from the official website.

Final Thought: Is Maji Air Drone Reviews Worth The Hype?

From our side, the Maji air drone is a top-rated drone. It is not just trending, there are reasons. Lucky people have seen it since and they are not regretting buying it. Hopefully, you will like it.


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