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Maite Moya is launching her new book ‘El Lenguaje de la mente’ on Jul 30.

 Written by Maite Moya, the book explains how to manage our thoughts and emotions.

From the difficult life experiences of author Maite Moya, the book “El Lenguaje de la mente, los 15 arquetipos” is borned. Besides having a PhD in Psychology, Maite is a global expert in Communications. These abilities were acquired as a result of an unimaginable setback, an illness that left half her body paralyzed. Despite obstacles, she overcame this complicated moment in her life through self-awareness among other mind tools.  She will be teaching a workshop in the city of Miami this Saturday, July 30. During the guided workshop  in Miami, Florida, she will launch her book  titled : “El Lenguaje de la mente, los 15 arquetipos – Héroes y Villanos” . 

Her experiences have encouraged her to write her first book called “Liderapia,” in which she talks about heroes and villains. Throughout the contents of the book, she compiles internal dialogues of both patients and students that give rise to the mind archetypes and language. 

When asked whether or not we can have more than one archetype in our minds, Moya’s response was yes, and as a matter of fact, she mentions that individuals constantly have several ones. Ego and fear are two factors that are in almost all internal dialogues. Fifteen archetypes are described in her book as reference models that serve as a starting point to identify behavior, thought, and emotion.

In her book, Moya also talks about the heroes and villains that live in our subconscious minds and indicates that we can empower our heroes through the power of self-awareness, focus, and by discovering ourselves, especially in these post-pandemic times and with such global uncertainty. Other ways to do this as well is by putting forth our strengths, being the best versions of ourselves every day, focusing on our strengths, and being flexible to achieve it.

Talking to the media Moya said “Without a clear direction, you can be a victim of the circumstances or the thoughts and desires of others, because you will have lost the rudder of your mind and therefore of your life. The concept of success and happiness gives a lot of itself and also causes a lot of frustration when the direction of that happiness is not as clear as we thought. The situation changes when you understand that each person has their own circumstances. There are rules of the game of the mind that, when you are not aware of them, can lead to frustration, taking everything personally. The truth is everything is simpler at first. With time it becomes complex because we are not prepared to know how to manage our own thoughts and emotions. We live comparing what happens to us with others or wishing for circumstances different from the ones we have, blaming what normally happens to us on others or on the situations we live in; waiting for that moment where we will be recognized, achieve what we want, and then we will surely be happy. This book is the first step in that direction.

Liderapia is called a “battlefield” from which they will have to draw their learning in order to win and connect with their authentic life purpose, the reasons you will know in this book. We are not all the same, we are unique and unrepeatable, with thousands of possibilities and similar combinations, but never identical, where consciousness can make you grow beyond what you could imagine.

The language of the mind doesn’t tell you what to do, you already know that, it shows you how to do it, how to fight those heroes and villains that set you off or block you with practical and easy-to-handle tools.

Maite’s mission in life is to share her knowledge and experience in order to avoid years of frustration to people who aren’t aware of how to deal with their thoughts, situations or relationships. Learning from each experience and understanding why it happened is key. 

In addition, Maite wants to spread her knowledge to the public on how to use communication skills and self-awareness for the evolution of people, who can then improve their relationships through: self-esteem, unblocking difficult situations, enhancing their talents, and focusing on what their purpose in life is. In other words, giving  practical tools for a day-to-day life.

This book is for all ages and it is recommended on both a personal and professional level. 

Readers will be capable of understanding the meaning behind life’s challenges and focus on the best version of themselves.

“El Lenguaje de la mente, los 15 arquetipos – Héroes y Villanos” written by Maite Moya can be found on Amazon.

About Maite Moya, PhD.

Maite Moya is PhD in Psychology and an expert in Communication Skills. She is also a researcher, writer and disseminator of the importance of the development of Self-Awareness and Communication in human behavior and in our evolution. She is the CEO of LIDERAPIA “International Institute of Communication Skills, Human Development and Leadership.”

For updates, follow Maite Moya on Instagram@maitemoyaoficial.


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