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Mainvest Review: Things You Should Know Before Joining this Marketplace

Do you want to earn passive income? If yes, then you should consider investing in small businesses. You can boost your skills and diversify your portfolio for more profits. In most cases, however, you have to be wealthy to invest in the business sector. 

Mainvest opens a plethora of opportunities to earn a significant amount of money. It allows you to invest in small businesses. The minimum investment with Mainvest is $100. In this Mainvest review, you will learn about the platform and what it offers to new investors.

What is Mainvest – Complete Mainvest Review

Mainvest is a platform that allows you to invest in small brick and mortar businesses. This crowd funding platform supports local entrepreneurs. You can enhance your portfolio by investing in a wide range of business types such as farms, cinemas, and restaurants.

The platform supports both investors and small businesses andhas more than 400 opportunities for investors. Mainvest was introduced in 2018 by Nick Mathews, a former Uber employee. He managed to introduce this platform to support small businesses and helped businesses raise around $12 million. More than 96% of Mainvest businesses are on the right track to success.

Also, Mainvest claims that they carefully evaluate a businesses’ potential before approving them. They have a strict vetting process to access businesses. The process includes:

  • Bad actor checks
  • Anti-fraud vetting

Features of Mainvest

Here are some investment opportunities and features you get with Mainvest:

  • Multiple Investment Options
  • Personalized Investment Options
  • In-Depth Research

Can You Join Mainvest?

If you are 18 years old with a U.S. bank account, you are free to join Mainvest. Non-accredited investors can join the platform because they have no net worth requirement or minimum income. There are other platforms for private placements as well. These platforms accept accredited investors as well.

The ideal investors to join Mainvest are risk-takers with long-term investment strategies. If you are investing in startups and small businesses, you should be open to a high level of risks. Comparatively, investing in large firms and organizations involves fewer risks because they are already well-established.

Since small businesses require few initial investments, you can join the platform with a small amount of money, which will you to diversify your investments. As a result, you can minimize investment risks and grow your portfolio. 

What are the Account Types?

You can choose from two types of accounts. There is a self-directed IRA and a taxable account. You have to create a third-party account to invest in an IRA. Once you join the self-directed IRA, you can seek investment guidance from your personal advisor.

How Does Mainvest Help Businesses and Investors

Here is a glimpse of what Mainvest offers its clients.

  • For Businesses

Once a business clears the initial screening process, it can apply for the platform’s registration. After joining the platform, investors can purchase revenue-sharing notes in return for minimal investments. The investors receive quarterly payments from the businesses in the form of notes.

  • For Investors

Both accredited and non-accredited investors can invest in small businesses with Mainvest. Many investors prefer five to ten year investment terms. Investors won’t receive scheduled dividend payments. Instead, they get preset equity multiple from the business. Keep in mind that equity crowd funding involves a wide range of risk factors. But you can anticipate your gains before choosing the investment opportunity.

Alternatives Platforms

Mainvest is a professional and legit platform to invest in small businesses. That said, it is not the only investment marketplace. Here are some alternatives of Mainvest with decent track records.

  • Fundrise

This is a real estate crowd funding platform that incorporates volatile small businesses. Fundrise helps small businesses in the real estate sector. If you want to invest in a multifamily and commercial real estate portfolio, you can opt for this platform. Here are 10 tips to become a professional real estate investor.

  • Clever

Cleveris a platform for people interested in real estate investments. If you want to optimize and diversify your portfolio, Clever would be an ideal choice. The platform provides detailed REI information to the investors for informed decisions.

  • Worthy

With Worthy, you can lend money to small businesses. The notable benefit of this platform is immediate profit. This platform offers instant investment incomes. You can invest as little as $10 for a 36-month term. As a result, you can earn 5% interest. You can reduce your risks and improve profits by diversifying your investments. Also, you can withdraw your shares early without worrying about penalty-fee.

  • Roofstock

If you want to buy real estate properties, Roofstock would be an effective option. It is suitable for active investors who want to invest in fluctuating markets. The platform also offers Roofstock One for passive investors. But, for this option, your initial investment should be at least $5000.


Mainvest is a free investment platform that offers novice investors various small businesses to choose from. You can save on investment fees by joining this platform. However, you have to pay taxes on your profits. What’s more, businesses have to pay a 6% fee when the funds rise. Hopefully, you found this Mainvest review informative. You can check more information about Mainvest and decide whether it is a suitable platform for you or not.

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