Main Trends Of Web Design In 2021

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Most of the new “tips” are useful for business, whoever says what. When the year 2020 is over, it is time to make a preliminary forecast.

To make promises for things that do not depend on you is a thankless thing. Nevertheless, let us highlight the key areas of next year’s web design. The list is based on the experience of our team.

Flat design

In 2020, designers and developers created clean and simple sites for better display on smartphones and tablets. Heavy resources scare away the mobile audience. Traffic from smartphones is steadily growing, along with it changes the attitude to web design. Now the site, adapted primarily for mobile devices, does not seem a whim. 

Pure minimalist design is attractive for users of mobile devices and personal computers. In terms of SEO-optimization such sites are preferable.

Do not think that a flat design comes down to two dimensions – minimalism and practicality. Treat it as a philosophy of getting rid of interference and focus on important elements of the site. After slow sites with their massive constructions, bright colors, clear edges and open spaces are perceived as a breath of fresh air.

Minimalism and predominance of function over form do not make flat design boring. Contrasting vivid colors, illustrations, simple images and serif fonts à la Apple – together they convey an excellent user experience, catching and surprising.

The flat design does not rely on photography, so it is easier to download. For site administration, this means two cool things:

The resource will quickly deliver a message to customers. It doesn’t matter how they accessed the site: from their phone or computer.

Optimized sites are more attractive for search engines: Google, Bing and others.

A site with a flat design is more likely to find itself in a good position for search engines. And visitors tend to stay on the page longer. That is why the flat design became popular and will remain so in 2021.

Expressive typography

Aren’t web designers left unarmed without their photos and complex designs? No, just the reference point has changed. In the typography of 2020 one word costs thousands of photos. Let’s take a look at this statement.

Some will argue: “typography” does not sound like an interesting design element. What does it matter if you have a Gothic or Modern font in the title, with or without serifs?

Every solution in the typography is able to convey thoughts and cause associations no worse than photos.

This is why companies are willing to pay for the development of their own fonts and make them part of the brand. Intel and Airbnb have invested significant resources in creating unique fonts. In Facebook, the letter F is a logo and an important element on a par with company colors, you may check it with an iPhone mockup.

Expressive typography and flat design create powerful clinging layouts. They will capture the reader’s attention and last longer than traditional heavy web design.

Live logos and activated animation

Modern browsers are very good at displaying animations. Modern animation does not require much resources to be attractive. Interactive animation that attracts the reader, attracts attention, intrigues, demonstrates a product or service. The animation is well remembered, and at one sight the client will remember your brand.

The animated logo will tell the history of the brand and company better than the traditional static. The logo is the first image with which the customer is in contact. It is better if it conveys a lot of positive emotions as soon as possible.

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