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Main Causes of Truck Accidents in West Virginia

The number of trucks involved in accidents has increased in West Virginia. As per the last update, truck accidents in the state have increased by 3%.

So, you could be asking, if everyone is aware that truck crashes are a serious problem in the state, killing and injuring many people every year, why are they on the rise? According to a Morgantown truck accident attorney at Robinette Legal Group, here are the main reasons why truck accidents are on the rise in West Virginia:

1. Driver Fatigue

Driving while tired is one of the serious issues facing the trucking industry in the state. The chances of an accident increase when a truck driver gets behind the wheel while they feel drowsy.

Drowsiness often impairs judgment and lessens the capability of truck drivers in West Virginian to control their vehicles. Reaction time to traffic flow decreases, making it more difficult for truck drivers to make the right decision while behind the wheel.

Usually, there are rules and regulations placed to prevent truck drivers in the state from driving while tired and logging long hours. Unfortunately, those regulations are routinely ignored when truck drivers have a strict delivery deadline and schedule.

2. Speeding

When truck drivers drive vehicles at a speed that is unsafe or unlawful at a given traffic conditions and road, their likelihood of causing a fatal accident dramatically increases.

Perhaps you have ever driven a car on the interstate and saw a trucker driving very fast or following too closely. Such behaviors on the road exacerbate a couple of issues, which already make commercial trucks more likely to get involved in an accident. Some of these issues may include the following:

  • Minimized response time
  • Excessive moments in accidents
  • Decreased braking capability

3. Bad Weather and Poor Road Conditions

Poor weather and bad road conditions are among the most common causes of West Virginia truck accidents. Poor maintenance of the road may easily make truckers lose control while driving. For instance, large potholes can force drivers to swerve between lanes, leading to head-on collisions.

Inclement weather in the state also affects truckers’ visibility, making it difficult for them to control the trucks. Strong wind, fog, rain, ice, and snow are an example of poor weather conditions, which leads to catastrophic injuries and serious damage resulting from a fatal accident in this state.

4. Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Because of boredom and fatigue, some truck drivers end up taking supplements so they can be able to drive through sleepless nights and long hours. Uppers may keep truck drivers awake but can impair their capability of responding faster to unexpected dangers, whether it is a sudden swerve/stop of another driver or a felled tree.

In addition, truck drivers in the state may take alcohol during and before the long haul so as to pass the time. Driving a commercial truck while drunk can endanger the life of the driver and the lives of other road users, too

A truck accident, like other collisions, may result in a web of tragedy behind. Because of that, it might be challenging to know what caused the accident. This is why if you get into an accident involving a truck, consult a professional attorney to help you get the answers you are looking for, especially when you believe you’re not at fault.

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