Magicycle – Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike

Electric Mountain Bike

Those who are looking for a full suspension electric mountain bike should have a good look at the Magicycle. This model has a large capacity battery and a powerful motor. It also has a front fork suspension.

Front fork suspension

Having a good front fork suspension on your electric mountain bike can help you ride smoother and more comfortably. It can also reduce the amount of fatigue you feel when riding. This will allow you to ride longer and faster.

Magicycle offers a range of high-quality e-bikes that are made with durable components. All of these bikes are perfect for urban commutes, leisure rides, or off-road exploration. These bikes include features like Shimano gearing, comfortable saddles, and quality components. They also come with a generous 15-day money-back guarantee.

The Magicycle Cruiser Step-Thru Electric Bike is a top-of-the-line model that has been designed with expert riders in mind. It features a powerful 52-volt, 750-watt electric motor and fat tires. It also includes a smart charger and seven-gear Shimano derailleur. It can be ridden on a variety of terrains, including dirt and soft sand.

The Magicycle Cruiser is available in pearl white or midnight blue. It has a full color LCD display that shows advanced settings and ride metrics. It is also a very easy bike to ride.

Fat or thin tires

Choosing between fat or thin tires on your new electric bike is a matter of personal preference. However, there are some benefits to either of these types of wheels.

Typically, fat tires are larger and provide better traction on both wet and dry surfaces. They also have an extra wide contact surface, which helps them get a solid grip on slippery or sloping terrain.

On the other hand, thin tires are lighter and more efficient. They are made from a smaller amount of rubber, which is why they are more cost effective to manufacture. Aside from their lightweight nature, they also have a less pronounced impact on your overall mileage.

While thin tires are less expensive and easier to ship, they don’t quite have the same traction as fat ones. The best way to judge which is the better tire for your riding style is to experiment with different air pressures.

Generally, a medium to high PSI is recommended for riding on pavement and loose snow. A lower PSI is ideal for riding on mud and gravel.

Powerful motor and large-capacity battery

Designed with portability in mind, the Jaguarundi folding e-bike from Magicycle delivers 55 miles of range on a single charge. With seven PAS levels, the bike is a versatile option that can accommodate different terrains. The battery can be charged in under an hour and comes with an integrated fan for faster charging.

The Cruiser is built around a 750W rear hub motor. This powerful electric motor puts out 86Nm of torque. The motor is paired with a 52V/20Ah lithium battery to extend the riding area. The bike also includes an integrated front and rear lighting system. The handlebars feature a color LCD display that shows ride metrics.

The Cruiser also features an air coil suspension fork that offers shock abortion. Both forks have lockouts and hydraulic disc brakes. The hydraulics have been upgraded to provide additional safety.

The saddle on the Cruiser is wide and comfortable. It also has a six-volt headlight, a backlit color LCD display in the center of the handlebars, and a real rear luggage rack.


Whether you’re a beginner or a pro rider, there are plenty of safety precautions to follow when riding a Magicycle full suspension electric mountain bike. Unlike traditional ebikes, full suspension bikes provide a smoother, more comfortable ride while absorbing shocks and vibrations. This type of bike is also more capable of dealing with complex terrain.

If you’re new to e-bikes, it’s a good idea to start with a quiet neighborhood street or an empty parking lot. This will give you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the bike’s controls.

Before buying an electric bike, you should read the owner’s manual and make sure you understand all the safety guidelines. A helmet is recommended, but not necessary. If you’re carrying a passenger, you’ll need to use a child safety seat. It’s also illegal to ride against the flow of traffic.

If you’re looking for a more versatile bike, you should consider the Magicycle Cruiser Pro. This model comes with all the basic accessories, including a top tube bag, integrated rear rack, full coverage fenders, and a bike lock. It also features a color LCD display and built-in lighting.


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