Magical Ravers: Shaping Music and NFTs Into Something Out of This World

Music and NFTs

Delivering a new and exciting NFT format that incorporates images with audio files; Magical Ravers set the scene for an authentic project built for – and by – its community. Launching a radio station for community members to share their music, Magical Ravers aims to become a platform built for fresh musicians; enabling them to express their creativity freely.

Who are Magical Ravers?

Magical Ravers are a large team of professionals who want to deliver something new into the NFT space by launching a groundbreaking project. The two artists on the team are visual artist Xenia Sova and music producer Eliran Zohar.

Xenia started her creative journey as an independent illustrator about 3 years ago after leaving a long career as an art director in a big advertising firm. Xenia, owner of Sovacado studio, creates not only illustrations but also small hand crafted and 3D printed creations, some of which are mechanical moving toys. Two of which are steadily becoming stars – Pashosh and Pashoosh.

In mid 2021 Xenia entered into the NFT space when illustrated for a 10k pfp project followed by a personal collection that managed to sell out. Now working with Magical Ravers, Xenia portrays her talent through the creation of all the artistic, visual aspects of the project, including the main characters. The Orcs and Elves – updated with a touch of modernity – bring over 350 traits, multiple 1/1 characters, a touch of romance, fun and lots of 90’s fashion.

Eliran, aka Echoboy began his journey in his youth, playing the piano and listening to a variety of both classical & electronic music. With idols including the likes of Chopin, Gorillaz, Studio Ghibli, and Linkin Park; Eliran began a new musical project in 2020 named SQUIDS with a childhood friend. adversity pushed Eliran towards something different, and unique. Listening and falling in love with Lo-Fi/Chill-out music during that time, the next venture was founded, and dubbed: ‘Echoboy’. 

Since then, Echoboy has signed six tracks on major labels including Homework, Radio, XXII Records, and also in contact with the successful label “lofi-Girl.

The team behind Magical Ravers saw the true potential of Eliran’s talents. With a precise musical ear for sound composition, Eliran was recruited into the Magical Ravers project and has created a variety of different music styles; bringing refreshing, unique music into the fray. Responsible for all musical aspects of Magical Ravers, delivering delight after delight with his combination of auditory finesse, and talented professional background.  

Featuring a fully doxxed team, a magical dance planet, music-ified NFTs and a whole hoard of fun; Magical Ravers offer something authentic in a world of genericity.   

Why Magical Ravers?

Magical Ravers know the value of music and the ability it has to connect people. Through their NFT community, Magical Ravers set out to help unknown musicians receive the exposure they deserve in a world of paywalls, and labels-only artists. Through their Discord, they will also be hosting music producing sessions for the community to artistically engage with one another, and keep the creative/positive vibes flowing

To learn more and get involved, see the link below:

Magical Ravers (@MagicalRavers) / Twitter

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