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Madaz Money Review 2023: Is it Worth the Cost?

Madaz Money Review: Is it Worth the Cost?

Madaz Money is a powerful learning resource for day traders.

When you sign up, you get access to an exclusive trading community, and you get to see a top trader in action. The site also has a ton of educational content on a wide range of trading topics from basic terms to advanced strategies.

This Madaz Money review will go through the key features of the platform to help you decide if you should sign up.

About Madaz Money

Founded by successful trader Max Madaz, Madaz Money’s mission is to help traders get better at their craft.

Madaz has an interesting story that inspires traders so that they can have success, too. Max was originally an engineering student, but when he met a coworker who had success as a trader, he had to try it out for himself.

Initially, he had some big failures with his trades, but after several years of determination, he was able to quit his day job and make millions of trading stocks.

Max took his huge success and created a platform to teach others to trade profitably.

One of the great aspects of the platform is that it not only teaches trading strategies but also focuses on the psychology of the trader. Max found that he had his breakthrough in success when he worked on controlling his emotions when trading.

The site has a wealth of great free resources, such as blogs and videos. There are also courses you can access for a price.

But you can join the site for a fee and watch Max trade, join the chatroom, and gain access to many other features.

Madaz Money Features

Madaz Money has a wide variety of resources to learn the ins and outs of trading.

The meat of the platform lies in learning to trade from Max himself. You can watch him trade live and listen to his commentary. The site also fosters a community of traders who can learn from each other and improve together.

Here are some of the core features of the site:

Live Trading & Voice Commentary With Max Daily: This is a feature that sets Madaz Money apart. See one of the top respected traders in action. Rather than merely telling you how to trade, he shows you. It also includes daily Q/As where you can ask Max and his team questions and they’ll reveal the insights behind their trading strategies.

Trading Chatroom: You can chat with other traders in real-time, share successes, learn from their mistakes, and ask questions. Overall, people find the community to be helpful and fun.

Daily Watchlist: Before the market opens every day, Madaz posts a watch list of the top stocks you should be looking at trading.

Educational resources: While there is a ton of free content on the site, there are also exclusive member-only resources, including webinars and a video library.

Madaz Money Pricing

When you pay for Madaz Money, you get access to all the core features of the platform. However, you can either pay monthly, annually, or a one-time payment to join for life.

Monthly: $149 per month

Gives you access to all the core features on the site; trading chatroom, live commentary, webinars, etc.

Yearly: $1,490 per year (which comes out to $124.16/month)

Includes everything in monthly, plus you get, “Exclusive Giveaways and Discounts.”

Lifetime: $4990

The only advantage of the lifetime subscription is the price. It has all the same features as monthly or yearly, but you only pay once.

The lifetime payment would pay for itself after three years of paying monthly (33.5 months to be exact).

Keep in mind that the site has a strict no-refund policy.

Trading Tools

Madaz Money is not a trading platform, so you can’t use it for in-depth market research or actually executing trades. Instead, it’s an education platform to teach you everything you need to know about trading strategy.

Still, you’ll need some tools that can scan the market and execute trades. Here are three great options:

TopStepTrader is a funded trading platform, meaning you get to trade with OPP (other people’s money). For $165/month you try out your trading strategies while not risking big sums of your own cash.

TrendSpider is an advanced program that uses technical analysis and machine learning to help you find trading opportunities. You can get started for as little as $39/month.

Trade Ideas is a comprehensive stock scanner, making it one of the most powerful trading tools on the market. The cost will range between $84 and $167/month.

Madaz Money Review Conclusion

Whether you are a beginning or experienced trader, there is always more to learn. And there’s no better way to learn than from someone who has found success themselves.

If you want to take your trading to the next level, then Madaz Money might be right for you.

Check it out by clicking here.

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